Our state-of-the-art video analytics cameras allow you to detect intruders in protected zones without generating false alerts due to environmental changes, moving foliage, or birds and animals.

Video Analytics is not Video Motion Detection, which works on the basis of detecting changes in the light scales of pixels within a video image. Video Analytics provides a far more sophisticated, reliable, and accurate solution. Video Analytics uses high-tech algorithms to recognize the properties of objects within a video stream and track them frame-by-frame.

The result is a high detection rate and a dramatic reduction in false alarms.

EyeSite Surveillance’s Video Analytics cameras produce high-definition 1080p images. The clarity and quality of the images help catch perpetrators in the act and support prosecution. Our cameras are highly programmable and can detect many types of activities, making them an ideal solution for both jobsite security and jobsite safety

Video Analytics Camera Screen Grabs
Video Analytics Cameras


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Impactful Benefits of Video Analytics Cameras for Jobsite Security 

  1. Automatic license plate recognition is a video analytic capable of accurately reading a license plate and other essential vehicle markings. Once critical assessments are made, the system then integrates the data into security and operational processes.
  2. Crowd detection is a security analytic designed to estimate the number of people in a given area in real-time and can trigger an alarm when a specific occupancy level is reached.
  3. This particular security camera analytic tracks vehicles and people in outdoor environments by utilizing perimeter intrusion sensors, parking lot monitoring, and public safety analysis. This system performs at high-accuracy levels, even in challenging weather conditions.
  4. The indoor people tracking system monitors people’s movement within an indoor environment, including intrusion detection, individual counting, and behavioral analysis.
  5. Left or removed item detection monitors the presence of items within a specific field of view. This analytic is optimized for indoor environments and can be set to detect the addition or removal of objects within a frame.
  6. Motion detection analytics reliably detect and track objects in motion within a defined area.
  7. PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) security camera analytics allow the camera to automatically zoom in and follow a subject (person or vehicle) within a field of view. PTZ capabilities enable operators to stay focused on what is happening in real-time rather than struggling with camera controls for a better view.
video analytics cameras

Protect Your Job Site With EyeSite’s Advanced Security Cameras

Standing idly by when it comes to security solutions can be extremely hard on business.

In today’s world, crimes like trespassing, theft, and vandalism are at an all-time high, especially for job sites that are left open to the elements and unattended for long periods.

With our highly advanced security solutions, we know how to create a safe and protected environment for your development projects, equipment, and employees.

Our trained team of professionals will thoroughly assess your project’s points of vulnerability and offer you real security solutions designed to save you time and money.

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Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)

Designed to help you stay on top of your project in order to keep your workers safe and your projects tightly managed.

ATOM Video Surveillance System

Our ATOM video surveillance system is designed to keep job sites closely monitored and secured cost-effectively.


The latest in Radar technology is combined with Auto Tracking Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras to monitor wide areas without being affected by traditional “false alarm” events.


Combining a thermal camera with a high-resolution fixed or PTZ camera provides the ultimate solution in event-based intrusion detection and verification.


Designed to capture images at a greater distance, produce a higher-resolution image, and operate with smaller optics than inexpensive short-range bullet thermals.


Detect intruders in protected zones without generating false alerts due to environmental changes, moving foliage, or birds and animals.

How does all of this technology benefit you?

Watch video in real-time? EASY!
Live Talk-Down capability to challenge intruders in real-time? EASY!
Bookmark important events to review later? EASY!
Export video? EASY!
Powerful time-line and search capabilities? EASY!

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