Video Analytics Camera

Video Analytics Camera

EyeSite Surveillance’s Video Analytics cameras can detect intruders in protected zones without generating false alerts due to environmental changes, moving foliage, or birds and animals.

Video Analytics is not Video Motion Detection, which works on the basis of detecting changes in the light scales of pixels within a video image.  Video Analytics provides a far more sophisticated, reliable and accurate solution.  Video Analytics use high tech algorithms to recognize the properties of objects within a video stream and track them frame-by-frame.  The result is a high detection rate and a dramatic reduction in false alarms.

EyeSite Surveillance’s Video Analytics cameras produce high definition 1080p images.  The clarity and quality of the images help catch perpetrators in the act, and support prosecution.  Our cameras are highly programmable and can detect many types of activities and create alerts for our monitoring station.

Construction sites, vacant buildings, auto dealerships, gas and oil refineries, power plants, airports, parking lots, industrial complexes, prisons, railway depots, train stations and military establishments are ideal locations to have early warning that unwanted visitors are attempting to gain access to a restricted area.

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