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April 27, 2018
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Construction site security is one of the biggest concerns in the construction industry. Construction site theft costs the industry perhaps billions of dollars each year. There are multiple levels of protection that you can employ to improve the security of your job sites. Combining these various types of construction site security will often give you the best protection.

Construction Site Security System #1: Locks and Fences

It may seem to you a basic construction site security measure, and it is. However, construction site managers don’t always use fences and locks to keep their site secure. No fences and locks on your site makes you an easy target for theft or vandalism. At the very least, perimeter fences will help keep out many unwanted intruders. Ideally, you should also have effective fences and locks around important tools, equipment, and supplies, as well. This

construction site security

A perimeter fence is an important firs line of defense.

will allow for an extra barrier between your most valuable unattended assets on the site.

Beyond basic locks and fences, electronic locks with keycard or code access may improve your security even more. These are especially effective in protecting data and equipment in offices and expensive supplies. With electronic locking devices, you can limit access to only those who need to be in that particular area of the job site.

Construction Site Security System #2: Warning Signs

Many would not consider signage as a security measure. However, when signs on a job site express the possible penalties of unauthorized access, it can make would-be intruders think twice. Clear concise signs increase construction site security by reminding intruders of the criminal nature of entering and damaging or stealing the property.

Clear signage definitely helps prevent the kind of theft and vandalism many sites experience with simple trouble-makers. Not all theft and vandalism is about gaining valuable equipment. Sometimes dumb kids are just looking for something to do. Reminding them of the penalties for such behavior is a great incentive to find another pastime.

Construction Site Security System #3: Equipment Identification and Inventory

Many construction site managers do not have a central system for identifying and tracking inventory of equipment and tools. All equipment and tools should be identified with unique markers in multiple locations on the equipment. Many choose to engrave owner-applied numbers to aid in the inventory. Marking the equipment in several places will prevent thieves from shaving off all identifying numbers. An updated inventory list will help ensure that equipment stays on site, where it belongs. Also, having all identifying information on your inventory increases the chances of stolen equipment being recovered.

Construction Site Security System #4: Proper Lighting

Most construction site theft happens in the dark, as thieves find comfort in the shadows. It is no wonder construction site security suffers when these large, outdoor targets have inadequate lighting. Having sufficient lighting for your job site can essentially take away areas of comfort for thieves. If you employ motion-sensor lighting, startling the thieves with the light when they move in too close to your site can often have an even greater impact.

There are so many construction sites not properly lit that great lighting alone can sometimes be enough of a deterrent to thieves. They may simply move on to an easier target.

Construction Site Security System #5: Alarms

Alarms are an effective way to scare off thieves quickly. Motion-sensors can set off alarms with audible sirens and flashing lights. These alone can stop an intruder in his tracks. Depending on your job site, silent alarms might be the best option for your construction site security. These can alert and dispatch authorities to your site to follow up on the breach. Many alarms will also alert the site manager or supervisor, so he or she can also deal with the intrusion.

Additionally, we should note here that video verified alarms often take priority in the dispatch of authorities. This leads to higher on-site apprehension and recovery of stolen goods rates. Quicker dispatch leads to quicker response time. Consequently, quicker response time means you are more likely to catch a thief in the act.

Construction Site Security System #6: Security Guards

Construction contractors sometimes hire security guards to help with construction site security. A live guard can be a great deterrent to thieves. While live security guards can be an immediate challenge to an intruder, the intruder may just be able to avoid the guard and still complete the robbery. If you prefer having the live presence at the site, it is most effective to use the security guards in conjunction with other forms of security system. Guards alone are expensive, but they can easily become distracted or bored (or even fall asleep). They are also limited on what they see or handle at one time. Guards cannot be in multiple places at once.

Construction Site Security System #7: Video Surveillance

construction site security

Good video coverage regardless of lighting capabilities is important.

Perhaps the most effective construction site security system is video surveillance. You have many options within video surveillance, so it is important to be sure you customize your system to meet your needs. Having any video cameras visible my be a deterrent for thieves. However, equipment with the right features and resolution will not only be a deterrent, but will also lead to higher apprehension rates of those intruders.

A variety of features are available with high-quality video surveillance equipment. If you invest in video surveillance, you must ensure that you will get the most out of your investment. You video surveillance equipment should record digital video and record and store the surveillance. Depending on your desires for your particular construction site security, you will want to investigate further additional features. For example, pan, tilt and zoom cameras allow you the flexibility to look around your site in real time. Video analytics can help in poorly lit areas, specific protected zones within your site, perimeter detection, and much more. Some video surveillance systems can be equipped with a talk-down feature, so you can address and intruder in real time from another location.

Video surveillance systems can be mounted on work trailers or utility poles, as with EyeSite’s ESS-HD Net ATOM System. However, mobile surveillance units are also available for more flexibility in location and infrastructure needed. Video surveillance will likely get you the best return on your investment to protect your construction site security.

Construction Site Security System #8: Video Monitoring

In conjunction with video surveillance, professional video monitoring is another layer of protection you can add to your security plan. The highly trained professionals who monitor your site via video surveillance know what to look for and how to react. Professional monitoring will quickly dispatch authorities when needed and actively monitor your site when no one is there. Those who monitor will also contact you with concerns when appropriate.

There are a variety of options available in construction site security, from very basic to very high tech. Using a combination of these options will typically afford you the greatest protection. EyeSite Surveillance always works with clients to be sure that every security need is being met on your site. This is why we only offer the best technology with the best service, including changes in position of cameras throughout your project, site visits to evaluate your systems, and much more. EyeSite is truly your partner for construction site security.

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    I can see why having proper security for a construction site would be important for preventing theft and accidents. You make a great point about using proper lighting on the job site. I can see why well-lit areas would deter thieves and protect a businesses investment.

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