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March 14, 2019
Commercial Incident Report – Goodyear, AZ
April 15, 2019

Safety + Security = Job Site Integrity!

We have spoken at length regarding the importance of having surveillance/security on your job site. Now we must explore safety as a final step in providing a safe environment for your construction team.

The efficiency of your site is directly related to mitigating the risks inherent in a construction zone.

The presence of high visibility surveillance equipment on the site immediately reduces bad behavior such as track outs, equipment mishandling (see attached video) etc. Our mobile surveillance platform allows construction site security monitoring and document activity on the site. And the sub-trades know this!

Safety and Security Are No Longer Optional

Being safe on a job site requires more than just a hard hat and safety glasses. Insurance premiums will continue to skyrocket unless both safety and security are addressed. EyeSite Surveillance, your premier partner in job site security can provide you with a no-obligation risk assessment specific to your needs. This assessment will be easily recognizable to your insurance provider and may provide a discount upon implementation.

Time-stamped surveillance footage can protect you from a very expensive legal or OSHA claim. We have recorded numerous instances of job site misconduct and direct safety violations by sub-contractors which would have resulted in heavy penalties for you, the general contractor.

The safety aspects of your site continue after hours. Believe it or not, if somebody trespasses and is hurt, their lawyer will immediately ask the following:

  • Was the site well lit?
  • Do you have state of the art, monitored video surveillance with “talk down” capability to ward off intruders?
  • Is the site adequately fenced?
  • Are the entry points secure?
  • Do you have machinery or product placed in such a way that it would provide entry to an intruder?

These are just some points to be considered when you wish to “safely secure” your site 24/7 – notice how those two words complement one another.

For Risk Mitigation Call The Experts – EyeSite Surveillance, Inc.

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