Job Site incident – Laveen, AZ – June 21st 2019
June 24, 2019
Commercial Incident Report – Tucson, AZ
July 17, 2019

Residential Construction Incident Report – Dallas, TX

During the early morning hours of 6/28/19 at an EyeSite Surveillance protected multi-family construction site in Dallas, TX our video verified alarm system picked up activity on the 3rd floor of this apartment complex.  Dallas PD were dispatched by the contact at roughly 03:25am, after a second video showed the suspect upstairs. Upon arrival, the officers found the suspect and made an arrest for trespassing.

The suspect had climbed three stories up the side of the building an entered through a hole in a window. The site supervisor was made aware of this and is in the process of patching the hole.  The customer was very pleased with our service and said the cameras did their job as advertised!  They will be pressing charges on the suspect for trespassing and will keep us updated should the case develop any further.

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