Professional Monitoring

Live Monitoring provides “real-time” access to your surveillance units.

Our monitoring station performs at a very high level by leveraging advanced video technology, proprietary central station processes, and highly trained video guard specialists to respond to the specific needs of your site.

  • 25+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 10 Years of Remote/Virtual Services
  • Highly Technical Staff
  • Industry Association Member
These virtual services provide eyes on a site more broadly, effectively, and more affordable than any physically present guard or sentry.
Services Include:
  • Video Alert & Alarm Detection with Police Response
  • Convenient Arming / Disarming Options
  • Virtual Guard Tours (discreet)
  • Virtual Guard Tours (awareness announcement)
  • Virtual Escorts
  • Video Alarm Verification
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Safety Audits

Check Out Real Surveillance Site Footage.

Take a look at some real life situations where EyeSite Surveillance stopped job site theft in its tracks.
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