Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU) - Security System

Your main priorities when managing a construction project are safety, budget, and time.

Our Mobile Surveillance Unit is designed to help you stay on top of your project in order to keep your workers safe and your projects tightly managed by preventing unnecessary loss of equipment, time, theft, and vandalism.

Every year, the construction industry continues to expand and grow. Developers are building in remote locations now more than ever before and are finding that a reliable solution to job site security continues to be a problem.

At EyeSite Surveillance, we have made it our mission to provide the most reliable and technologically advanced construction site security solutions, regardless of how remote the job site location may be.

Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU) Benefits

Mobile security systems offer flexible protection even in the most remote locations-

A mobile surveillance unit is entirely self-contained, high-performance security equipment with fully independent solar panel technology that offers the ability to deploy our proactive security equipment nearly anywhere. These mobile security units are self-sustaining and extremely easy to relocate upon completion or evolution of a project to meet your security needs continuously.

Mobile Surveillance Units are always on wireless streaming-

Our advanced mobile surveillance equipment is always live streaming, giving you more control over the security of your job site by closely monitoring the area in real-time from a remote location. Any security footage taken is stored securely and can be used as evidence in the event of an intrusion.

Our Mobile Surveillance Unit features built-in deterrent capabilities that are proven to stop crime in its tracks-

Mobile Surveillance Units offer construction companies secure control over their projects at all times. These units are completely customizable with the option for thermal imaging, radar systems, photo beam sensors, motion sensors, intense sirens, and even the delivery of talk-down commands, leaving intruders frightened and alerted.

EyeSite’s Mobile Surveillance Unit

Our solar-powered, ESS HD-NET Mobile Video Surveillance Unit can be rapidly deployed to even the most remote locations for around-the-clock security surveillance and construction site protection.

Once the equipment is installed, our team of highly trained security technicians will work closely with your project management team to maintain optimum placement of the equipment as your project matures.

With our versatile security equipment, you gain full control of your projects, while job timing and budgets become more manageable.

Our State of the Art Mobile Surveillance Unit Offers:
  • The highest resolution images possible through advanced Network-based camera technology.
  • Homeland-Security grade recording and monitoring software, which provide the most powerful viewing platform available.
  • Real-time video analysis via EyeSite’s Video Analytics technology can detect and report after-hours intrusion, loitering, and object tampering.
  • Other potent intrusion detection options include Thermal Imaging, Motion Sensors, Radar Systems, Photo beam Sensors.
  • Highly customizable to suit clients’ needs and budgets.
  • Includes live Talk-Down capability, allowing audio challenges to intruders on monitored sites.

Take Control of Your Construction Site Security Today

At EyeSite Surveillance, your construction site security is our priority.

With several highly advanced security options, we offer everything you need to stop theft and vandalism in its tracks, as well as keeping your projects on time, your construction equipment secure, and your employees safe.

Do not let criminals affect your company’s reputation for pristine developments. We can provide you with full control over your job’s productivity, security, and time management.

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Check Out Real Video Surveillance Site Footage.

Take a look at some real life situations where EyeSite Video Surveillance stopped job site theft in its tracks.

ESS HD-NET Standard Features

Multi –Megapixel Network Cameras
  • Our standard cameras are 4 Megapixels (double the resolution of 1080p from each camera!)
  • Standard Night Vision capability allows cameras to see up to 260 feet in complete darkness.
  • Wide angle lenses combined with ultra-high resolution allows our cameras to see more of your site!
NVR - Network Video Recorder
  • Our NVRs utilize the latest technology to provide intelligent video recording of our Multi-Megapixel camera technology
  • Next-generation technology leverages 100% Network architecture for the clearest possible images with the highest possible resolution
  • Our powerful NVR gives our clients the ability to stream live video and access recorded video from anywhere in the world in stunning clarity
  • Live talk-down capability allows audio challenges to intruders on monitored sites
VMS - Video Management System
  • Our Homeland Security grade video management software is extremely easy to use and requires little-to-no training
  • A free app allows streaming from any iPhone, iPad or Android device

ESS HD-NET Custom Features

Video Analytics Cameras
  • Cameras with embedded intelligence understand their environment and automatically alert monitoring station of intrusions.
  • Intelligent features include intrusion detection, loitering detection, stopped vehicle or person, directional filters, vehicle speed measurement and filtering, people counting, tailgate detection and color filtering.
  • Cameras continuously adapt to environmental changes and reject sources of false alarms.
  Thermal Imaging Cameras with Video Analytics
  • Cameras see differences in heat and require no visible light to operate
  • Our thermal cameras employing Video Analytics can detect human intruders from 1000 ft away
License Plate Cameras
  • Cameras capture clear images of moving license plates, day or night
  • HD-NET graphics
  • Capable of capture up to 65 MPH
Time Lapse Cameras
  • Capture still images in high resolution to create a time lapse video over days, months or years!
Custom Integrations
  • The HD-NET platform allows a wide variety of cameras, sensors and devices to be combined into a site-specific monitored solution!
  • Our engineering and operations team have the education, experience and creativity to provide a custom solution that will meet the specific security needs of your site!

How does all this technology benefit our customers?

Watch video in real time? EASY!
Live Talk-Down capability to challenge intruders in real-time? EASY!
Bookmark important events to review later? EASY!
Export video? EASY!
Powerful time-line and search capabilities? EASY!

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