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Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer

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Stallion Infrastructure Services
Mobile Surveillance Trailers

EyeSite now offers nationwide surveillance solutions. Rapidly deployed, easily scalable mobile surveillance solution with live visibility and control.

Our solar-powered Mobile Surveillance Trailers can be rapidly deployed nationally to even the most remote jobsites for 24/7 security surveillance and construction site protection.

Our partnership with Stallion Infrastructure Services creates a truly scalable surveillance solution for nationwide deployment. Professional technicians deliver MST (Mobile Surveillance Trailers) to your site. Quick install in the most optimized position onsite takes 30 minutes or less.

The Stallion surveillance platform grants 24/7 visibility to multiple jobsites, and multiple cameras, on any device.

Mobile Surveillance Trailer (MST) Features

  • Mobile and scalable nationwide for operations of all sizes
  • Low-maintenance (no external power or Wi-Fi required)
  • Camera options customized to fit your site and use case
  • High-resolution live and historical photo and video capture
  • Powerful tagging and analytics on a unified video platform
  • 24/7 monitoring services (optional)

PTZ network cameras

Cloud-based video platform and analytics

20’ camera height

LED lights

Talk-down speaker

On-board cellular modem

On-board solar batteries

License Plate Recognition cameras

Thermal (FLIR) cameras

Secondary power fuel cells




Recieve a detailed assessment of your construction site’s security vulnerabilities and a plan to secure them.
mobile surveillance trailer setup retail parking lot


Our solar powered Mobile Surveillance Trailers can be rapidly deployed nationwide to the most remote locations for 24/7 protection.

  • Software – Stallion’s intelligent 24/7 surveillance platform is proven to deter theft, reduce false alarms, ensure procedural compliance, and more. Set custom alerts based on your qualifications to deter and catch criminals, keep your employees safe, and protect your investments.
    • Detect people, vehicles, license plates, objects, and PPE
    • Send live custom alerts to your team and monitoring service
    • Analyze historical footage from any desktop or mobile device
  • Optics – Our trailers come with standard PTZ cameras with integrated IR with additional capabilities including License Plate Recognition and thermal imaging. Customize the cameras according to your needs during a simple sales process with our knowledgeable team.
  • Connectivity – Cameras live stream and record surveillance footage to our cloud platform using a multitude of connectivity options. No external Wi-Fi or Internet is needed. Easily export videos, create clips, and timelapses from our encrypted and secure video platform.




Enhanced video platform features enable better site visibility and security through custom tagging and analytics

Get advanced surveillance capabilities in a simple user-friendly platform. Access your real-time and historical footage from any camera, on any location with the Stallion video monitoring portal.

  • Setup real-time notifications based on custom events and conditions
  • Monitor entire job site from one portal, no matter the brand of camera
  • Create time-lapse videos and save video clips and jpeg
  • Setup License Plate Recognition alerts, PPE detection alerts, and more
  • Group cameras for organized views based on location or camera type
  • Monitor your site from desktop, tablet, or mobile device

Take Control of Your Construction Site Security Today

At EyeSite Surveillance, your construction site security is our priority.

By adding Stallion’s Mobile Surveillance Trailer to our arsenal, we’ve enhanced our theft and vandalism-prevention capabilities. Expand your security and surveillance nationwide with EyeSite and Stallion.

Do not let criminals affect your company’s reputation, productivity, employee security or bottom-line. We can provide you with full control over your job’s productivity, security, and time management.

For more information on our services or to schedule a free on-site risk assessment of your construction site nationwide, be sure to request your free on-site risk assessment or give our EyeSite Surveillance team a call today at (855) 466-8433.