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Jobsite Security

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Jobsite Security with EyeSite Surveillance

Looking for extremely dependable and highly effective jobsite security solutions? We’ve got you covered.

Construction site security is more important now than ever before. The National Home Builder’s Association reports that theft and vandalism from Residential construction sites total more than $4 Billion annually. Commercial construction sites see more than $1 Billion in heavy equipment theft annually. During a time when construction profit margins are at an all-time low, it is critical for any construction business to minimize the effects of theft and vandalism at the lowest cost possible.

EyeSite Surveillance specializes in protecting construction sites, vacant properties, and remote facilities for a fraction of the cost of using traditional security guards. Our statistics show that construction site crime is cut by 90% or more after our Mobile Video Surveillance Units have been installed. With an average of 80 arrests per year just in Maricopa County since 2009! EyeSite Surveillance has proven itself as the most trusted name in Theft and Vandalism Prevention.

Thieves look for the easiest and least risky place to conduct their activities. Do not let your building site continue to be one of them!

Save Time & Money with Our State-of-the-Art Jobsite Security Technology

EyeSite Surveillance is committed to providing your job site with the most advanced solutions to stop theft and vandalism. With EyeSite, your job site is safe because we provide you with advanced security technology and professional monitoring. EyeSite Surveillance has the right solution for every commercial, residential, municipal, and industrial development in Arizona and Texas. As you will see, EyeSite Surveillance is committed to bringing you the best state-of-the-art security system and combining it with amazing customer service to help you save money and time.

EyeSite Surveillance offers your job site a wide variety of custom security solutions:

  • Solar Powered Mobile Surveillance Units
  • Wireless Video Verified Alarm Systems
  • Industry-Leading 3D Video Analytics
  • Perimeter Detection Systems with Thermal Imaging
  • High-Resolution License Plate Security Cameras
  • Remote access Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Cameras
    UL Listed Live Monitoring and Police Dispatch


Recieve a detailed assessment of your construction site’s security vulnerabilities and a plan to secure them.
Jobsite Safety & Security

Our 4 Layers of Construction Site Security


Jobsite Security & Criminal Deterrence


The first line of defense in solving theft and vandalism issues is Deterrence. Our Mobile Surveillance Units reduce theft and vandalism by 80 to 90 percent the day they are installed on-site.

  • Conspicuous and Imposing, Day or Night.
  • Red/Blue flashing light puts would-be criminals on notice.
  • 24/7 surveillance coverage provides protection when and where you need it.

EyeSite Surveillance provides high-tech solutions to the problems of construction site theft and vandalism. Our systems protect commercial, residential, municipal, and industrial developments throughout the Southwest. Whether your project involves building a high-rise, business center, residential community, or a custom home, EyeSite Surveillance can deploy a state-of-the-art security system that will save you money and keep your project on schedule.

Job site Security Detection


A comprehensive security plan involves the ability to detect intruders. Whether by monitoring a continuous perimeter or discrete locations on your site, EyeSite Surveillance can deploy technology that will catch perpetrators in the act. Our rapidly deployable products incorporate a combination of technologies, including:

  • Perimeter Sensors
  • Video Verified Alarms
  • Active Monitoring Station

Our wireless Video Verified Alarm Systems can ensure the integrity of your site after hours, and dispatch the authorities if a breach occurs. After installation, our team of trained technicians will work closely with your project management team to maintain optimum camera placement as your project matures.

Jobsite Security Risk Assessment


The ability to quickly Assess the situation on-site during a security breach is critical to providing the correct response. EyeSite Surveillance can rapidly deploy technology such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, Video Verified alarm systems, License Plate Cameras, and two-way audio warning systems.

  • Determine if there it is a false alarm/identify the nature of the threat.
  • Follow a predetermined protocol in the event that a threat to the property is underway.
  • Notify Police – Security Guards- Property Managers as appropriate.

Our PTZ cameras can be programmed to automatically view and record a security breach, even when no users are actively controlling the camera. When a perimeter system reports to the Mobile Surveillance Unit that a security breach has occurred, the Mobile Surveillance Unit automatically turns the PTZ camera to view the area where the breach is occurring. This feature is invaluable for rapidly assessing the nature of a security breach and for providing high-quality post-event video.

Jobsite Security Apprehension


EyeSite Surveillance leads the security industry in arrests by averaging more than 80 apprehensions per year. Through the use of advanced Detection and Assessment technologies, our monitoring services can eliminate false police dispatches.

  • Police respond to Video Verified alarms with the highest priority.
  • Real-time updates to law enforcement as they are en route to the site increase likelihood of arrest.
  • High prosecution rate when criminals are apprehended on-site.

We offer flexible monitoring packages to fit any budget.

Our state-of-the-art EYEON PLUS MONITORING SERVICES™ will ensure your site stays secure.

Jobsite Security Frequently Asked Questions

Construction sites are often vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access due to valuable equipment and materials on-site. Security surveillance helps deter these incidents and provides evidence in case of any security breaches, ultimately reducing losses and liabilities.

Our security services are suitable for a wide range of construction sites, including commercial, residential, industrial, and infrastructure projects. We tailor our jobsite security solutions to meet the unique security needs of each site.

Yes, modern construction site security cameras offer real-time monitoring capabilities. Many systems are equipped with remote access, allowing project managers and security personnel to view live footage and receive instant alerts on their devices, enhancing overall site security.

Our monitoring service involves round-the-clock surveillance of your construction site by trained security professionals. We use advanced analytics and technology to detect any suspicious activity and respond immediately. In case of an incident, our team will notify the appropriate authorities and your designated contacts.

Yes, our jobsite security solutions are customizable. As highly experienced security providers with a wide range of surveillance options, we can tailor security services to meet the unique needs of each construction project, considering factors such as site size, location, access points, and security goals.

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We protect hundreds of construction crews and job sites throughout the Southwest with advanced security technology that has received national recognition for the industry’s top arrest rates.

Our comprehensive surveillance systems help keep you and your crew one step ahead at all times.

By leveraging our security monitoring technology you can help ensure the safety and well-being of your team, your site, and your reputation.

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