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No matter how carefully you and your crew work, you know how quickly a construction site can turn into the scene of a serious injury – or worse.

Jobsite safety implementation has become a pressing necessity for both general contractors and owners of construction companies, especially as companies face unlawful liability cases, employee theft, and today’s soaring jobsite crime rates.

At EyeSite Surveillance, we know how important accurate, functional, and highly capable jobsite surveillance is to the business owners, supervisors, and contractor crews at work. Since 2005, we have committed ourselves to providing superior construction site safety solutions throughout Arizona and Texas. Our tried-and-true systems have prevented hundreds of potential thefts and lead the industry in jobsite security technology.

You work hard to keep your construction site safe, but you can’t do it on your own. When you need 24/7 surveillance, professional monitoring, and superior customer service, you can count on our team of security experts at EyeSite Surveillance.

Jobsite Safety, Security, & Accountability

More than likely, you and countless other contractors/business owners have dealt with the frustration of jobsite theft, fraud, and the endless incident reports that come with the job. You’ve likely even dealt with the hassle of procuring more materials or dealing with the police as your workflow suffers and projects run behind.

You can protect yourself – and hold your jobsite and employees accountable – with professional jobsite safety and security.

We make jobsite accountability simple.

Our clients report a 90% decrease in construction site crime following the installation of our security systems and fully trust our technology to keep an eye on employees and projects.


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Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)

Designed to help you stay on top of your project in order to keep your workers safe and your projects tightly managed.

ATOM Video Surveillance System

Our ATOM video surveillance system is designed to keep job sites closely monitored and secured cost-effectively.


The latest in Radar technology is combined with Auto Tracking Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras to monitor wide areas without being affected by traditional “false alarm” events.


Combining a thermal camera with a high-resolution fixed or PTZ camera provides the ultimate solution in event-based intrusion detection and verification.


Designed to capture images at a greater distance, produce a higher-resolution image, and operate with smaller optics than inexpensive short-range bullet thermals.


Detect intruders in protected zones without generating false alerts due to environmental changes, moving foliage, or birds and animals.

Superior Jobsite Safety: Protecting Yourself from Jobsite Liability

Jobsite liability cases can negatively affect your growth and reputation. Unfortunately, the number of liability cases has continued to grow as more employees – and would-be criminals – attempt to take advantage of construction companies.

The deployment of our security systems allow you to easily stay on top of employee liability cases with indisputable evidence. With our equipment and comprehensive security setups, you can check cameras remotely to ensure that your crew follows standard safety procedures, and count on our 24/7 monitoring teams to watch out for intruders after you’ve gone home for the day.

In the event of a jobsite injury, an attorney will immediately begin to ask questions regarding the safety and security of your site. If you don’t have adequate surveillance, you may find yourself liable.

Some Jobsite Safety Benefits When Using ESS HD-NET Technology

  • Identify risks and potential hazards before problems arise with virtual site inspections.
  • The presence of video surveillance equipment encourages employees to practice the proper safety protocols.
  • Ability to utilize recorded video of jobsite incidents and disasters.
  • Video surveillance equipment can help lower your insurance premiums.

Choose the Leading Name in Jobsite Safety

When you need surveillance solutions in Arizona or Texas, trust our team at EyeSite Surveillance, the leading name in jobsite safety and security.

We have proudly kept hundreds of construction crews and project sites safe and secure throughout the Southwest, while our technology has received national recognition for top industry arrest rates.

Stay one step ahead of construction site crime and fraud with a comprehensive surveillance system. You’ve invested time, energy, and considerable amounts of money into your company. Trust our team of surveillance experts to “have your back” after an honest day’s work.

Our professional monitoring systems will help ensure the safety and wellbeing of your crew, your property, your reputation and much more.

For more information, request a quote, or schedule a free on-site risk assessment of your construction site in Arizona or Texas, be sure to give our EyeSite Surveillance team a call today at (855) 466-8433.

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