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December 17, 2021
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How Jobsite Security Affects Your Construction Company in Houston, TX

Construction companies in Houston, TX, should always consider all aspects of security and safety before employees or associates enter a jobsite.

Keeping a close eye on your projects is essential because the industry is extremely susceptible to dangerous situations, work-related injuries, and theft. 

However, when your company employs a professional jobsite security team like EyeSite Surveillance, you can greatly minimize the impact of vandalism and site theft. You can also protect your operations by ensuring safety and efficiency.

Why Jobsite Security Is Critical for the Construction Industry

Construction site security services can make a significant difference in how you handle your day-to-day tasks. Due to a large number of materials, expensive equipment, and valuable tools, construction sites are often a prime target for theft. There is also the risk of theft by employees, which may occur when no security measures are present to protect the company.

Another common problem many construction companies in Houston encounter is vandalism. Large buildings and construction sites are targets for graffiti, paint damage, and destruction. Company owners then spend days repairing the damage, which leaves a significant impact on their deadline and budget.

You can always hope that a fresh coat of paint will deter vandalists from returning, but they may just see it as a fresh canvas for “redecorating.”

While you think you can handle the challenges brought on by theft and vandalism on your own, sooner or later, you will realize that it takes an extensive amount of your company’s valuable time, money, and resources. That is why many construction companies deploy jobsite surveillance.

With professional jobsite security and surveillance in place, you will have more time to focus on your clients and projects while allowing experts to cover the safety aspects of your workplace.

Benefits of Expert Security Services & Equipment

You’ve invested time, money, and energy into your construction company. Naturally, you want to protect it.

Like most company owners, you want to ensure your investment in jobsite security is worth it. Therefore, you must consider the perks of expert security services and equipment:

The Safety for Your EmployeesMobile Jobsite Security

The risk of injury on construction sites is significantly higher than in other industries due to the constant use of heavy machinery and tools. For many company owners, keeping employees safe is a top priority, and there is no better way to do it than jobsite security surveillance.

Partnering with a construction site security team can aid in the safety of the work environment through active monitoring, presence, and reporting.

Protection and Peace of Mind

Regardless of the company’s size, you probably own building materials, tools, and heavy machinery worth thousands of dollars. In the event of theft or damage, the company owner is responsible for replacement, which often involves money and time.

With an experienced jobsite security team on-site, you will worry far less about these issues.

Fast Response-Time from the Authorities

If there is ever an active security breach, the security system will trigger the authorities, increasing the chances of finding the intruders and minimizing damage.

If your company lacks security, acting quickly to contact authorities is a challenge, especially after work hours. Consequently, a lot of time can pass before you discover the theft or damage, giving intruders plenty of time to leave the scene and cover their tracks.

What to Look for in Jobsite Security

Partnering with any jobsite security team in Houston, TX, doesn’t necessarily guarantee you workplace safety. You need a partner you can trust, someone with years of industry experience, and a team that can meet all your security needs.

When looking for jobsite security solutions, keep the following factors in mind:

Surveillance Monitoring

Your jobsite security team should accurately and efficiently provide surveillance monitoring and respond to any injury or accident quickly. An ideal security monitoring team will consist of personnel with law enforcement experience and even training in various military branches.

Short and Long-Range Security Cameras

When partnering with a jobsite security crew, you should expect them to have quality equipment and high-resolution cameras to monitor every movement on-site. Short-range cameras provide the ultimate solution in close-event intrusion, while larger cameras capture images at a greater distance.

Video Analytics Cameras

Video analytics cameras should be available to detect potential intruders in specific areas around the construction property. These cameras can detect activity and send alarms when you’re certain of a threat. They provide extremely reliable, sophisticated, and accurate video using advanced algorithms to recognize and track objects. 

When seeking a potential security surveillance partner, you’ll also want to make sure they have the latest equipment and high-tech tools to best serve your job site security needs.

Schedule a Professional Construction Site Security Assessment

Job site Security Monitoring

Construction company owners are responsible for ensuring a safe and secure working environment. 

Whether you own a remote facility, vacant property, or construction site, it is essential to put in place the best security methods so your employees can feel protected and confident in their jobs.

Partnering with professional construction site security in Houston is critical to minimizing vandalism, theft, and property damage. As the leading surveillance team in the area, EyeSite Surveillance is proud to offer exceptional jobsite security while adhering to the highest standards and protocols.

With EyeSite, your jobsite is safe, as we provide our clients with professional monitoring, advanced security technology, and impeccable customer service.

Our powerful and proactive custom security solutions make us the go-to company throughout the construction industry. From high-resolution license plate security cameras to wireless video verified alarm systems, monitoring, police dispatch, and 3D video analytics, you can count on us to keep your safety and security at the highest level.

Contact EyeSite Surveillance today at 855-466-8433. We’re happy to discuss your jobsite security needs and how we can help you protect your property, employees, and equipment.

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