Disposition Update: V013025 Beazer Homes – Laveen, AZ – Commercial

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June 11, 2019
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June 13, 2019

The following was obtained from Phoenix Police incident number 201900000356048:

On 3/2/19 at 0034 hours, Rapid Response Monitoring was notified of a burglary alarm at 5250 W Lydia Lane Phoenix, AZ 85339. The video alert showed a male and a female inside of the vacant residence which is still under construction. The residence is registered to Beazer Homes. The Phoenix Police were notified and dispatched. At 00:43 AM the Phoenix Police Department arrived on scene. Upon arrival the front door was found slightly open. (4) Officers entered the residence and completed a search. Two people made themselves known, and followed the orders of the police to step outside of the residence. Both the male and female stepped outside and were placed into custody. Both were read their Miranda Warnings.
The female subject, a juvenile (name redacted) advised the police that she and her boyfriend Ruben Gomez, entered the residence to listen for “Supernatural Things,” chill and smoke some weed. The female admitted that Ruben had entered the residence through the unsecured back door and let her inside through the secured front door, after unlocking it. The female admitted to the interviewing officer that she knew that it was unlawful to enter the residence.
The juvenile female was charged and referred to the Juvenile Court for Trespassing in the First Degree, A Class 6 Felony. She was later turned over to her mother.
A separate officer interviewed Ruben Gomez. Prior to Ruben Gomez being questioned he admitted to the officer that he had a gram in his pocket, which was found in his right front pocket. The officer removed a small plastic baggie with a green leafy (bulb) substance, which was recognized as weed. Ruben Gomez was then read his Miranda Rights again. Ruben confirmed the story that his girlfriend had given, that they were inside the residence attempting to find ghosts. Ruben admitted to entering the residence through the unsecured rear sliding glass door.
Ruben Gomez was placed under arrest and later booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail. He was charged with Criminal Trespassing First Deg-Residence,a Class Five Felony  and Marijuana Violation – Possession a Class Six Felony.

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