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May 2, 2019
Nancy Cagel
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June 11, 2019
On 5/12/19 at 05:27:19 hours, Rapid Response Monitoring received a burglary alarm activation triggered by human activity from the north entrance camera. At 05:30:06 The subject, described as a male wearing a hard hat, a light colored t-shirt and dark pants was observed on the interior hallway camera. At 05:31:30 (KH) Todd Doan was contacted and advised Rapid Response to dispatch the police department. (At this time Todd also advised Rapid Response to have anyone found on the property arrested since no one was scheduled to be there). At 05:32:24 a dispatch request was sent to the Phoenix Police Department via ASAP to PSAP. At 05:36:15 the police were dispatched. At 05:42:02 the police arrived on the scene. Upon their arrival, the police made contact with (2) subjects, who have yet been identified from the dispatch notes, and released.
On 5/13/19, Project Manager Jim Milostan found that the rear fence behind the construction trailer had been cut and used for entry to the property. Jim advised me that as of Saturday 5/11/19 the damage was not there.
Upon my follow up with the Phoenix Police Department Alarm Unit I learned that the incident number was 19000805009. I was also advised that per the officer(s) notes that the police did not arrest the subjects located on the site because the site was not properly secured.


On 5/14/19, the police were requested at the site to complete a supplement to the original report number.
It should be noted that additional measures have been taken to further protect this site: An “Authority to Arrest” letter has been placed on file with the Phoenix Police Department, Extra Patrol of the site has been requested for this location after hours, the fencing poles have been reinforced, EyeSite Surveillance has installed three additional cameras, added a siren as well as verified that the fencing for this location is secure.
This incident is pending further investigation. An update will be sent once information is obtained.

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