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Construction Site Security Tucson, AZ
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Construction Site Security Tucson, AZ

The need for construction site security is at an all-time high.

Like other major cities around the US, Tucson, AZ, has a strong need for reliable construction site security.

Although the cost of commodity-based construction materials in Tucson, AZ, has finally leveled off, we are still facing increased expenses in construction applications.

Construction site security breaches are a huge problem. Between theft and vandalism, construction companies everywhere stand to lose quite a lot of time and money without proper security solutions in place.

At EyeSite Surveillance, we have made it our sole mission to offer construction companies our state of the art security technology and services. By utilizing our advanced equipment, we have the ability to provide job sites with real security solutions you can count on.

With our completely dependable security solutions, we can greatly reduce the nuisance of false alarms, deter criminals before or in the progress of a crime, and make quick apprehensions in an effort to prevent future criminal activity.

Complete our free risk assessment form or give us a call today at 855-466-8433 if you are looking to secure your Tucson, AZ, job site.


Recieve a detailed assessment of your construction site’s security vulnerabilities and a plan to secure them.
Construction Site Security in Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ, Construction Site Security Solutions


Jobsite Security & Criminal Deterrence


When we deploy our security surveillance technology throughout your job site, we make sure that all of our equipment is clearly recognizable in an effort to deter criminal activities before they even start. This is known as the deterrence stage, one of the many crucial ways we work to keep your job site secure.

These advanced security units offer:

  • A conspicuous and imposing security solution day and night.
  • Red/blue flashing lights that let criminals know the area is monitored.
  • 24-hour surveillance coverage that offers reliable protection when and where you need it.

Whether you are working on commercial, residential, municipal, or industrial developments, we have proven security plans designed to protect your interests to the fullest.

Job site Security Detection


Fast intruder detection capabilities are vital to any comprehensive security plan. Whether you need full perimeter surveillance or discreet location coverage, we can customize a security plan to meet your needs and deploy our technology.

  • Perimeter sensors
  • Active monitoring stations
  • Video Analytics

Once all of our equipment has been installed and your security plan is in place, we will work closely with construction management as your project matures to ensure that the cameras are in their optimal position at all times.

Jobsite Security Risk Assessment


Proper assessment capabilities are vital to our construction site security solutions to ensure that response to an alert is always carried out correctly and promptly.

We have the ability to deploy high-tech security systems like:

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras
  • License plate cameras
  • Two-way audio warning systems

With this specialized surveillance camera equipment, we have the ability to automatically view and record security breaches as they happen without having to have someone actively control the camera. These features are great for high-quality post-event footage and can be used to fully assess the nature of a security breach, as well as prevent it from happening again.

Jobsite Security Apprehension


Full construction site security coverage and criminal apprehension is our main focus. We believe in providing our customers with a secure work environment unscathed by theft or vandalism.

At EyeSite, we lead the job site security industry by more than 80 successful apprehensions each year. With our advanced assessment technology and monitoring services, we have the ability to completely eliminate false police dispatches altogether.

With these construction site security solutions, we have the ability to offer Tucson:

  • Police responses of the highest priority.
  • Real-time updates to law enforcement as they are en route to the Jobsite.
  • High prosecution rates when criminals are arrested on site.

Our state-of-the-art EYEON PLUS MONITORING SERVICES™ will ensure your site stays secure.

Construction Site Security Tucson can Depend on

Today's construction sites need advanced security solutions more than ever before.

If you are a construction company in the Tucson area in need of reliable construction site security solutions, give us a call today! With our top of the line security equipment, we can ensure that your job site remains secure at all times and free of theft or vandalism.

With EyeSite’s experienced team of jobsite security professionals and equipment, your company can continue operations safely and securely with less problematic setbacks.

With construction companies across the nation losing billions of dollars each year to criminal activity, the need for real security surveillance solutions simply cannot be ignored. Don’t leave your construction site at risk!

Don’t leave your construction sites open to expensive theft and vandalism. If your projects are in need of real security solutions, request a quote or give us a call today at 855-466-8433.