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Construction Site Security Tempe, AZ

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Construction Site Security Tempe, AZ

Due to construction site criminal activity costing businesses across the United States billions every year, job site security solutions are crucial!

Reliable construction site security solutions have become a necessary part of everyday operations throughout the construction industry.

With construction margins being at an all-time low, it is crucial now more than ever that construction companies minimize the harsh effects of theft and vandalism in cost-effective ways.

At Eyesite Surveillance, we specialize in construction site security and its invaluable dependability throughout construction projects.

We do this by offering robust security solutions for vacant properties, job sites, and remote facilities, at a much more manageable rate than hiring a traditional security guard.

Our advanced security solutions have allowed us to cut down construction site crime by 90%, just with our mobile video surveillance units alone.

Criminals looking to steal and vandalize a property will seek out the most vulnerable ways to access your property and carry out their deeds; thus, it is essential to the success of a project that companies take advantage of reliable security solutions.

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Recieve a detailed assessment of your construction site’s security vulnerabilities and a plan to secure them.
Construction Site Security in Tempe, AZ

Tempe, AZ, Construction Site Security Solutions


Jobsite Security & Criminal Deterrence


When it comes to building a defense line between your job site and criminals, deterrence is an essential first step. From the day our surveillance Units get installed, they immediately begin to reduce theft and vandalism by 80-90%.

These advanced security units offer:

  • A conspicuous and imposing security solution day and night.
  • Red/blue flashing lights that let criminals know the area is monitored.
  • 24-hour surveillance coverage that offers reliable protection when and where you need it.

We pride ourselves in our ability to comprise highly effective security solutions to prevent construction site theft and vandalism. We can successfully deploy our equipment throughout commercial, municipal, residential, and even industrial developments in need of advanced security solutions.

Job site Security Detection


A proactive approach to job site security will always involve detecting intruders at any time, day or night. Whether you need continuous monitoring in a discreet location or around your construction site’s perimeter, we can deploy our highly effective equipment and catch criminals in the act.

With ESS HD-NET Advanced Detection, you get:

  • Perimeter sensors
  • Active monitoring stations
  • Video Analytics

To ensure optimal placement and configuration, we will work closely with your management team throughout your project’s duration.

Jobsite Security Risk Assessment


Quick and accurate criminal activity assessments are a critical part of what we do to secure your job site. Through professional assessments, we can determine the appropriate response to security alerts as they occur and take action.

We have the ability to deploy high-tech security systems like:

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras
  • License plate cameras
  • Two-way audio warning systems

With our specialized PTZ cameras, we can view and record security breaches as they occur – with or without a user actively controlling the camera. If our perimeter security system alerts the mobile surveillance unit that a security breach has occurred, the mobile unit will automatically turn on the PTZ cameras where the violation is happening.

Jobsite Security Apprehension


Apprehension is a vital part of controlling construction site criminal activity. At EyeSite Surveillance, we lead the security industry in arrests with up to 80 apprehensions a year. With our advanced surveillance technology, we have developed ways to eliminate false authority dispatches and maintain quality security control.

With these construction site security solutions, we have the ability to offer Phoenix:

  • Police responses of the highest priority.
  • Real-time updates to law enforcement as they are en route to the Jobsite.
  • High prosecution rates when criminals are arrested on site.

Our state-of-the-art EYEON PLUS MONITORING SERVICES™ will ensure your site stays secure.

Don't Leave Your Tempe Construction Site Security to Chance

Today's construction sites need advanced security solutions more than ever before.

We offer advanced security monitoring packages designed to fit any budget and provide real security solutions to the construction industry.

We are fully committed to providing our customers with the most reliable security plans and equipment needed to stop theft and vandalism in its tracks.

Don’t leave your construction sites open to expensive theft and vandalism. If your projects are in need of real security solutions, request a quote or give us a call today at 855-466-8433.