Construction Site Security Phoenix, AZ

In today’s world, construction site security is a must.

For jobsites in Phoenix, theft and vandalism occur all of the time. From stopping projects in their tracks, slowing down large operations, and costing contractors quite a bit of money, construction site security breaches can become quite a hassle.

Here at EyeSite Surveillance, we offer Phoenix, AZ our top of the line proactive deterrence and detection systems for fool-proof construction site security surveillance.

With our highly advanced security technology, we can provide our customers with real peace of mind knowing that their operations are monitored and protected against theft/vandalism at all times.

Construction Site Security Phoenix, AZ

Construction Site Security Solutions Phoenix, AZ

  • Deterrence

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    With our high-tech security equipment deployed and clearly visible, criminals are much more likely to avoid stealing from or vandalizing your construction site altogether.

    The sheer sight of detailed security systems is your first line of defense in warding off intruders. If the first line of defense doesn't do the job, the rest of our security implementations will. Keeping your construction site tightly monitored and protected at all times is our priority and with our high-profile security surveillance equipment, we will see it through to the fullest.

  • Detection

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    When our state of the art construction site security systems are deployed, intruder detection and criminal activity alerts are not only accurate but fast. Our equipment alerts are also extremely reliable in that the equipment is designed to easily discern between normal motion detection (like weather or animals) and criminal activity. This type of advanced security technology helps to avoid false alarms and quickly take proper action against real ones.

  • Assessment

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    The assessment process comes into play once your alarm system has been triggered. When this happens, we can rapidly deploy a variety of our extended security surveillance techniques and determine whether or not the cause for the alarm calls for action, and if it does, we will then figure out what actions need to be taken and address the situation quickly and appropriately.

  • Apprehension

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    At EyeSite Surveillance, we are known for our criminal deterrence and apprehension rate. We lead the security industry in arrests with an average of over 80 apprehensions per year. With our equipment, we are able to get you the security support you need fast!

Don’t Leave Your Construction Site at Risk

With our high-tech theft prevention solutions, we have the ability to greatly reduce your construction site’s security risks.

Construction projects stand to lose quite a lot when it comes to criminals looking to steal or vandalize property. With our construction site security solutions, we have the ability to greatly reduce security threats and provide you with a better handle on instances that do occur.

Our security solutions will provide you with real peace of mind as well as save you a lot of money and time due to the prevention of damage and operational setbacks. Don’t leave your construction site at risk, call us today!




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