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Construction Site Security Fort Worth, TX
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Construction Site Security Fort Worth, TX

Criminal activity on construction sites has cost businesses across the U.S. billions of dollars each year, Eyesite offers real solutions.

There was a staggering 51% increase in commercial and multifamily construction revenue for 2022 in Dallas-Forth Worth, TX, according to a report by Dodge Data & Analytics.

If your construction company needs dependable job site security solutions, we’ve got you covered. Affordable security solutions that your team can rely on are our specialty.

We provide comprehensive construction site security to remote facilities, construction sites, and vacant properties.

Our security solutions offer project managers the ability to protect their job sites with or without a guard present, and at a fraction of traditional on-site security patrol costs.

Statistics show that we’ve cut out up to 90% of crime on job sites that have implemented our advanced security systems and criminal defense processes.

Criminals looking to target your job site will seek out your property’s most vulnerable areas to infiltrate and carry out their deeds. By deploying our unique security systems, we can eliminate those areas at risk of criminal activity and catch intruders in the act.

Complete our free risk assessment form or give us a call today at 855-466-8433 if you are looking to secure your Fort Worth, TX, job site.


Recieve a detailed assessment of your construction site’s security vulnerabilities and a plan to secure them.
Construction Site Security in Fort Worth, TX,

Dependable Layers of Construction Site Security for Ft Worth, TX


Jobsite Security & Criminal Deterrence


Deterrence is always the first line of defense when it comes to controlling theft and vandalism.

With our visible Mobile Surveillance Units, we can reduce criminal activity on your job site by 80-90%.

These advanced security units offer:

  • A conspicuous and imposing security solution day and night.
  • Red/blue flashing lights that let criminals know the area is monitored.
  • 24-hour surveillance coverage that offers reliable protection when and where you need it.

We offer our high-tech security solutions to protect residential, commercial, and industrial project developments from the damaging effects of criminal activity.

Whether your job site comprises high-rise buildings, business centers, or residential developments, you can count on EyeSite’s security solutions to keep your projects fully protected and on schedule.

Job site Security Detection


An effective security plan will always involve efficient ways to detect intruders in the early stages of a security breach.

Our modern security technology will catch criminals in the act and help protect your assets.

EyeSite’s rapidly deployable security equipment uses a combination of high-quality technology that includes:

  • Perimeter Sensors
  • Active Monitoring Stations
  • Video Analytics

We work closely with your project management team to ensure optimal equipment positioning as your project matures with our security solutions.

Jobsite Security Risk Assessment


Quick and accurate criminal activity assessments are a critical part of how we secure your job site.

Our PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom/) cameras, License Plate Cameras, and two-way audio warning systems provide your job site with full surveillance and monitoring capabilities.

These advanced security systems allow us to:

  • Identify whether an alert is false or legitimate.
  • Upon legitimacy, identify the nature of the threat.
  • Follow a predetermined protocol in the event of criminal activity.
  • Notify authorities and all other appointed individuals.

With our PTZ cameras, we can view and record a security breach without a user actively controlling the cameras. Once our security systems receive notification of a violation, the PTZ cameras will automatically begin viewing the security breach area.

This feature is an invaluable way to assess criminal activity and provide high-quality post-event footage for lawful use.

Jobsite Security Apprehension


At EyeSite Surveillance, we lead the security industry in criminal apprehensions with more than 80 successful arrests a year.

Our monitoring services help to eliminate false authority dispatches and save construction companies a lot of headaches.

Additional benefits include:

  • Real-time updates to police increase the likelihood of apprehension.
  • The prosecution rate for criminals apprehended on-site is much higher.

Our state-of-the-art EYEON PLUS MONITORING SERVICES™ will ensure your site stays secure.

State-of-the-Art Construction Site Security Fort Worth, TX

Today's construction sites need advanced security solutions more than ever before.

With criminal activity at an all-time high, construction companies lose quite a lot from a lack of formidable security.

At EyeSite Surveillance, we have made it our priority to offer construction companies flexible, customizable, and affordable ways to secure their projects and keep them on time.

If your construction site is lacking suitable security, request a quote or give us a call today at 855-466-8433.