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Why Residential Construction Security is Critical
We are here to help solve your theft and vandalism problems.
Residential Construction Security

Why Residential Construction Security is Critical

Without residential construction security, you’ve likely already fallen victim to theft or vandalism at one of your job sites. Unfortunately, you are not alone.

Today’s crime rates on construction sites are growing more and more each year, leaving hard-working companies without equipment or supplies, and quickly losing business.

How do you stop construction site theft and vandalism?Residential Construction Security

The best and most efficient way to combat these continuously growing crimes is by deploying modern residential construction security technology and defense practices.

With the right team of construction site security specialists at your side, you can rest assured that your jobsite is closely monitored and heavily protected from criminals at all times.

Why You Need Jobsite Security

Residential construction sites often come with their own set of challenges as is. But with theft and vandalism thrown into the mix, keeping your construction project profitable and on time can become a serious hurdle.

Reasons to implement construction security technology and services:

  • Tool & Equipment Theft

Construction equipment and tools cost a lot of money, and unfortunately, it is for that reason they are often targeted first by thieves. Stolen equipment will not only destroy the projected timeline of completion for your project but also cost you a lot of money to replace.

  • Vandalism

Residential construction sites are often totally dark and abandoned at night, making them perfect for vandalism. Often, unprotected residential construction sites are subject to graffiti, broken windows, and many other forms of costly damages.

  • Material Theft

Materials are a very valuable and costly commodity, and it’s not uncommon for construction crews to show up to work the next day with no materials to work with. This sort of criminal activity can cost your construction company a lot of time and money if not managed appropriately.

  • Project Setbacks

Any form of theft, vandalism, or property damages can be a high cost to the productivity of your residential construction projects. After all, the more you have to pay to replace and rebuild, the longer it takes to complete the job and gain a happy customer.

  • Construction Site Safety

Construction site safety is another significant concern when it comes to unprotected jobsites. If criminals were to tamper with your equipment, tools, and/or projects during downtime, your crew could be put at severe risk upon returning to work.

Residential Construction Site Security You can Count On

If you run a residential construction company, expert jobsite security services are the best insurance you can have to protect your projects and the safety of your crew.

With the modern security services and technology of EyeSite Surveillance, your construction company can count on:

Criminal Deterrence
Fast Detection
Detailed Assessments
Quick Apprehensions

If you are ready to take the next steps in securing your projects and investments, contact our team today to schedule a professional assessment at 855-466-8433!



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