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Video Verified Alarm Systems: 5 Reasons Your Construction Site Needs One

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Video Verified Alarm Systems: 5 Reasons Your Construction Site Needs One

Jobsite theft is a costly concern in the construction industry, costing more than $1 Billion annually. Stopping theft should be a priority for all construction companies. While many options exist for construction site surveillance and security, few options outshine the video verified alarm system. Video verified alarm systems are essential on jobsites today. Here are 5 reasons why.

Video Verified Alarm Systems Reduce False Alarms

Alarm systems are invaluable in helping jobsites stay safe. However, with video verified alarms systems, you are much more likely to reduce false alarms. False alarms tie up valuable resources from responding to actual crimes in progress. It can be a huge hassle for business owners, site superintendents, and law enforcement. In addition to it being an annoyance and taking time to resolve, it can sometimes be costly to pay for false alarms.

Video verified alarms systems, however, give the capability of remotely verifying potential criminal activity. If it is a false alarm, video verified alarm system personnel can stop a dispatch before wasting those resources.

Video Verified Alarm Systems Can Be Monitored Remotely

Jobsite surveillance is a much more economical option than live security guards, often resulting in better security. With a video verified alarm system, any alarm triggered can be verified by either the site manager or a professional monitor or both to ensure the best response. This capability is also what helps to prevent the false alarms mentioned above. Having a professional monitoring the system can prevent danger to a live security guard, as well. And unlike a live security guard, a remote monitor can quickly switch between various views and monitor multiple areas of a site at once.

Remote verification takes the danger out of an on-site security guard. However, video verified alarm systems maintain the advantages of a live security guard. Those monitoring the system can often activate an audible alarm or deter thieves via live talk-down capability. Again, though, these challenges to attempted thieves will not have to place any individual in immediate danger.

Video Verified Alarm Systems Activate Priority Police Responsevideo verified alarm systems receive priority dispatch

Whether professionally monitored or not, video verified alarm systems enable priority police response if there is an incident on your site. With verification that a break-in is taking place (as opposed to a suspicion), police are quicker to respond. This leads to more apprehension success. Not only will response be prioritized, law enforcement can be given live updates from someone who can see more of the site than just the entrance when they arrive.

Picture this contrast: without a video verified alarm system, police may be notified that there has been some sort of potential breach of the site, but not given much more information. With a video verified alarm system, police can be receiving live updates from either a site manager or professional monitor with the whereabouts and activity of criminals. Apprehension is much more likely!

Video Verified Alarm Systems Give More Information

Having a surveillance system on your construction site can give you much more information when there is a breach. For example, night vision cameras can give a clearer picture of what is happening. Even when law enforcement arrive on site, the cameras will allow for more direction beyond what they may be able to see. Thermal imaging and radar cameras can help to identify where an intruder might be hiding or a vehicle whose engine is warm from just arriving on the scene.

All these features will assist the individual who responds to an alarm give better information and direction to law enforcement. Without this information, an intruder could easily evade law enforcement.

Video Verified Alarm Systems Provide More Complete Coverage

When your jobsite is protected by a video verified alarm system, you have complete protection. You can cover your entire construction site, as well as parking lots and nearby vacant properties and other hard-to-spot areas. These systems give you so much more security than a live security guard or other intrusion alarms might give you. This is likely why the the National Sheriffs Association endorses this system for your protection.

In conclusion, your jobsite needs protection. You want to stop theft. The video verified alarm systems provide the complete coverage you need. The system will help your site receive priority dispatch if there is an incident. Once law enforcement is on-scene, apprehension is much more likely when information can be given real-time from your video-verified alarm system. Construction site surveillance is essential, and video verified alarm systems are the way to go.



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