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The Power of Customer Service
We are here to help solve your theft and vandalism problems.

The development of new technology has forever changed the game in site security.

The freedom to step away from the traditional model and leverage this new technology provides a more comprehensive and cost-effective solution to prevent loss and secure property. However, all of the new technology alone will not really make a difference if there is not a commitment to provide an exceptional customer service experience. It is the multiplying force of providing a quality product with exceptional customer service that drives Eyesite Surveillance, Inc. to be the leader in mobile site security in Texas and Arizona.

Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)

The mobile surveillance unit (MSU) is an incredible collection of proprietary tools that can be configured to provide maximum protection. These rapidly deployable units are solar powered and provide “always on” coverage 24/7 with motion activated recording. Eyesite has created a quality product with the MSU, and combines this with the multiplying force of exceptional customer service. Eyesite Surveillance will come out and perform a full site inspection to determine the best system configuration to maximize security. Add to this the fact that there is no set-up cost, and an Eyesite representative will be on site each week to inspect the system and reconfigure as necessary.

Video Verified Alarm System

The Video Verified Alarm System is another great example of how innovation and customer service can be combined together to increase profitability through the reduction of theft and vandalism. The Video Verified Alarm System is a completely wireless system that is an event-based system that is activated by motion. What makes this system unique is that, when activated, it allows for video verification of the event to reduce false alarms (and the cost associated with them), and reduces the response time of police when there is the ability to confirm through video.

Eyesite Surveillance, Inc. is leading the industry for mobile site security in Texas and Arizona because of a commitment that begins with customer service and filters back into creating the innovative tools to support that commitment. With over 200 arrests as a result of the use of Eyesite’s products last year alone, the best customer service experience that could be achieved is greater profitability for clients as a result of lowering site losses. When you are ready to experience the multiplying effect of innovation and exceptional customer service for your construction site security, contact Eyesite Surveillance, Inc. at 855-4No-Theft (855-466-8433) or at



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