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Videofied RSI Video TechnologiesLeveraging Technology For Construction Site Loss Prevention

A July 2013 report from CNBC states that copper theft is an epidemic that is sweeping across the US. The fact that construction sites provide a wealth of materials that, many times, are guarded with a simple lock that can be easily picked is part of the challenge facing construction site loss. It seems that the only viable option for construction site security has been to have a security guard onsite to prevent construction theft. Until now.

Eyesite Surveillance, Inc., a leader in mobile site security, utilizes the latest technology of Videofied as a part of their Video Verified Alarm System. This amazing tool is rapidly deployable, requires no power supply, and is an event-based alarm system that utilizes video verification to reduce false alarms. And because the system works wirelessly, it allows for wide area installations that can be managed to optimal camera placement as the project progresses. The net result of using Videofied is that surveillance for construction job sites increase at a fraction of the cost of a traditional security guard. And the efficiency of the Video Verified Alarm System allows a virtual army to stop copper theft and reduce construction site loss.

Additional applications of Videofied as a part of the Video Verified Alarm System go far beyond construction security alone. Videofied can be used to guard fence lines or utility yards, provide an additional tool for neighborhood watch, and even to assist in deterring vandalism. The Video Verified Alarm System allows for a rapid response of police to actual events that threaten the security of your site which can lead to increased arrests. The affordability of this system in comparison to the maximum surveillance it provides make it an ideal choice for construction monitoring and site security.

St. Andrews Environmental – Project Name: Quiktrip Ft. Worth, TX- “Just wanted to let you guys know how happy we were with the performance of your system that we used at our QT project recently. The Videofied surveillance videos of late night visitors to our site provided some arrests (that we got to watch happen in real time videos sent to my phone) and really made us aware of what was happening on our site while we were away.

Since 2005, EyeSite Surveillance, Inc. has been recognized security expert for construction companies and other customers requiring temporary or mobile theft prevention equipment. Through the use of state-of-the art technology, and a business model based on customer service, EyeSite Surveillance, Inc. is the leader in mobile site security in Arizona and Texas.


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