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Stop Copper Theft On Your Site

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Stop Copper Theft With Jobsite Security 

Many construction site superintendents want to know this: how to stop copper theft. Though all theft is a problem for those in the construction industry, the value of copper seems to be continually rising. This means that copper theft is more and more prevalent in the industry. Stop copper theft with a proper construction site surveillance plan.

Stop Copper Theft with Mobile Surveillance Units

Mobile surveillance units are key to stop copper theft on a construction site. Just the sight of mobile surveillance units will often deter thieves. They will likely move to an easier target. If they still attempt a theft at a site guarded by mobile surveillance units, they will be detected quickly and likely apprehended.

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Proper Construction Site Surveillance Will Help Stop Copper Theft

There are many options when it comes to construction site surveillance. Many choose a live security guard. While they can sometimes be effective, a live security guard cannot have the same visual field as mobile surveillance units. Preventing copper theft requires that you be able to keep “eyes” on a whole site constantly.

Just-in-Time Deliveries Will Help Stop Copper Theft

Carefully scheduling deliveries of materials will help prevent theft while they sit on the site unused. Most theft on construction sites occurs on the weekends, so it may be a good idea to not accept any delivery of materials on Friday if they will not be used until the next week. If you must accept early delivery of materials, be sure you have a way to lock away any materials that will sit on the site.

All theft on construction sites is expensive and inconvenient. However, your construction site surveillance plan should include ways to stop copper theft. Securing your materials and even documenting with serial numbers and photographs can help if your materials are stolen. However, having great construction site surveillance could help prevent the loss entirely.



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