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Residential Builders – Tempe, AZ – Commercial
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Residential Builders – Tempe, AZ – Commercial

On 3/12/19 at 00:14 AM EyeSite Monitoring support received a burglary alarm activation at an EyeSite Surveillance protected commercial building site in Tempe, AZ . The monitoring station described the subject as a male with dark hair, wearing dark clothing with a black back pack walking through the garage. The subject was then seen waving something in front of a camera before the camera went dark. Upon arrival, the police were unable to find the subject or determine that anything had been damaged or stolen from the property. The call was then cleared as a false alarm.

The next morning it was determined that an incident had occurred. Further investigation revealed that two cameras on site had been damaged and removed. One of the cameras had been burned. (The damaged cameras were discovered and replaced by an EyeSite Arizona Operations Technician who was servicing the equipment that morning.) It was also determined that a generator had been stolen from the job site.

EyeSite’s Alarm Coordinator Brandon Eaden spoke with Tempe Police who provided the following account: Upon arrival at the jobsite in Tempe the night before, the responding officer was unable to locate anyone on the property and could not determine if anything had been damaged or stolen. He cleared the call and deemed it a false alarm.

Shortly thereafter, the responding officer encountered a subject with a generator attempting to place it into the bed of a truck parked at an In & Out Burger located in the vicinity of the jobsite. After questioning the subject, the officer was able to determine that the generator did not belong to the subject but was unable to determine where the equipment had come from.

The Officer contacted the General Contractor to determine if the generator belonged to the company. The GC advised the officer that the generator possibly belonged to the steel Subcontractor currently working on the site. The officer was unable to make contact with the Subcontractor so the subject was released and the generator impounded for safekeeping.

The Tempe officer provided a photo he took of the subject as well as a picture of the generator to EyeSite Surveillance. Brandon determined that the person in the photo was the same person who was observed in the video clip that triggered the first alarm notification. He then forwarded the evidence on to the Tempe police department and the responding officer.

Brandon was informed that a warrant was issued for the subject and he would be charged for Trespassing, Burglary, and Criminal Damage and both the General Contractor and the Subcontractor would be listed as victims in the report. The stolen equipment was released and returned to the Subcontractor.

This is case is still pending further investigation by the Tempe Police Department.



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