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Report Filed with Glendale Police Department
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Report Filed with the Glendale Police Department

On 8/2/18 at approximately 0730 hours, while driving in the area of 6300 NW Grand Avenue Glendale, AZ., in a marked EyeSite vehicle Jake Larsen noticed that he was being followed by a white Ford pickup truck. Jake then stopped near the job site and waited inside of his vehicle as did the driver of the truck.
Eventually, the driver exited his vehicle and approached Jake identifying himself as a Wallace Gustafson, a retired police officer and advised that he was driving an undercover police vehicle. Wallace also gave his telephone number. Wallace stated that his career as a police officer had been ended due to a reckless driver. Wallace also advised Jake that he had a decal that allowed him to have a current police officer arrest someone for him. Jake advised that during the conversation Wallace talked harshly to him. After the conversation Wallace returned to his vehicle and left without further incidents.
Jake advised that Wallace’s truck had a handicap plate on it.
According to the police report the officer was able to locate a Ford truck bearing a handicap license plate that belonged to Wallace Gustafson.
There was no video footage of this event.
The police report did not advise as to whether contact was ever made with Wallace Gustafson.



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