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Promoting Positive Security Culture

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positive security culture

Promoting Positive Jobsite Security Culture

We know that jobsite surveillance cameras can save you money by preventing theft, but not all employees and subcontractors look kindly on being watched. Creating a positive security culture in your company and at your jobsite can help. Positive security culture can convince those who may not like the “big brother” looking over their shoulders that jobsite security benefits everyone.

How to Create a Positive Security Culture

Positive security culture starts with management. When management works to create a transparent and safe working environment, employees and subcontractors will know that surveillance is as much for their safety and protection as it is to catch bad behavior. Upper management and supervisors should be up front and clearly communicate security goals from the time of hiring employees and subcontractors. Remind all those working on a site positive security cultureoften of the goals for safety and security on the site as the reason behind surveillance. Soon, the culture is one of integrity: doing the right thing whether someone (or a camera) is looking or not.

Using Surveillance to Reward

One thing that contributes to any positive working culture is rewarding employees or other workers for doing well. Notice something on security footage that a subcontractor did right when no one was really paying attention? Offer them a reward, even if it is just a pat on the back and thank you. Others will take notice, too. Let your employees and subcontractors know that daytime surveillance isn’t to catch someone doing something bad. Rewarding for “good behavior” will show them you are serious about this commitment.

Remind of the Benefit of Security in Promoting Safety

Construction companies may know better than most that safety is a top priority. Jobsite cameras can keep your workers safe and protect them in case of any issue. Is there a disagreement between employees? Surveillance cameras can often shed light, protecting any innocent parties. Is someone claiming a subcontractor didn’t follow through on something they were supposed to? Security footage can prove the sub’s case, if they know they completed the work. Showing employees and subcontractors the benefit of jobsite surveillance to them will help with a positive security culture.

In conclusion, our hope is always that the only things your jobsite cameras catch is good behavior worth rewarding. But we also know that security cameras keep your crews safe, your site safe, and your tools protected. Positive security culture is nothing but helpful for your business, so work toward it every day!




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