May 23, 2018

Types of Construction Site Security

Construction site security is one of the biggest concerns in the construction industry. Construction site […]
April 27, 2018

Mobile Surveillance: The Benefits Are Endless

EyeSite Surveillance services all areas of the construction industry: home builders, contractors, commercial builders, and […]
March 1, 2018
construction site theft

Construction Site Theft Costing You? EyeSite Can Help.

Construction site theft is a costly problem in our industry. With all the costs considered, […]
February 1, 2018
construction site theft

Construction Site Security Tips

We know the best thing you can do to improve construction site security is properly […]
January 22, 2018
positive security culture

Promoting Positive Security Culture

We know that jobsite surveillance cameras can save you money by preventing theft, but not […]
December 27, 2017
construction site security

7 Ways Job Site Security Cameras Improve Construction Site Security

Construction site security is a constant concern for those in the construction industry. Theft and […]
December 18, 2017
visible surveillance cameras

Visible Surveillance Cameras or Hidden Surveillance Cameras: Which is Better?

We often receive questions whether visible surveillance cameras or hidden surveillance cameras are the best […]
November 29, 2017

New Home for U.S.Army SFC Demitra Jarrett in Montgomery, Texas

Montgomery, Texas EyeSite Surveillance, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Operation Finally Home to […]
November 20, 2017
preventing jobsite copper theft

Stop Copper Theft On Your Site

Many construction site superintendents want to know this: how to stop copper theft. Though all […]
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