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EyeSite’s Nancy Cagle Receives the 2022 Workforce Development Award

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EyeSite’s Nancy Cagle Receives the 2022 Workforce Development Award

2022 Workforce Development AwardIn February of 2019, EyeSite’s Nancy Cagle and her supporters started an organization called LOGIC. Soon after the committee began, Nancy became the inaugural Chairperson of the organization.

The LOGIC (Ladies Operating for Growth in Construction) committee was formed to highlight women in construction by showcasing their presence within the industry, as well as their many achievements. The continued goal of LOGIC is to encourage personal growth, growth within the industry, growth for each woman’s business, and growth for the overall community.

The committee offers an open forum of communication, advice, guidance, and support among all women within the construction industry.

Since its start, the committee has grown quite rapidly thanks to Nancy’s dedication to the cause and her enthusiasm for the organization to continue spreading throughout Commercial Builders Associations in the United States.

LOGIC strives to create a positive image for women in the construction industry, and Nancy Cagle has undoubtedly made her mark.

In April of 2022, Nancy received the 2022 Workforce Development Award for Women of Workforce from the Association of Builders and Contractors Greater Houston (ABC Houston) in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the growth of women in the construction industry.

Workforce Development is an initiative of the Associated Builders and Contractors organization that encourages companies to use flexible, competency-based, and market-driven education methodologies to build a construction workforce that is safe, skilled, and productive.

The team at EyeSite Surveillance could not be more proud of her achievements and look forward to seeing what the future holds for women in the construction industry.



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