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Mobile Video Surveillance or Security Guard?
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mobile video surveillance of construction site

Mobile Video Surveillance or Security Guard?

Mobile video surveillance or live security guard: two choices every construction site supervisor or other decision maker must consider. The construction industry has very specific security needs. For our industry, the advantages of mobile video surveillance far outweigh those of a live security guard.

Mobile Video Surveillance Covers More Ground

On a construction site, there is much to see and many small places to hide. A live security guard is limited to his or her line of site. Mobile video surveillance units can be positioned to cover the entire construction site. Construction site theft is far too large a problem to rely on the eyes and ears

mobile video surveillance

A construction site security guard cannot see what a mobile surveillance unit can!

of one person to cover the whole site. Mobile surveillance units can include pan, tilt, and zoom cameras that can pinpoint movement when there should not be movement on a site. Intruders cannot hide from mobile surveillance units.

Mobile Video Surveillance Reduces Response Time

When armed with video-verified alarm systems, mobile surveillance units can drastically cut response time to an intrusion. Video verified intrusions are given priority police dispatch. Quicker response time means more apprehensions and arrests.

Mobile Video Surveillance Remembers Everything

Security guards can do a fantastic job, but the reality is that they are human and may not be able to recall important information in the event of an intrusion. Construction site security requires being able to look at evidence on video. Whether the license plate cameras catch the vehicle used in an intrusion or the pan, tilt, zoom cameras are able to catch the face of the intruder, both are more reliable than the memory of a security guard.

Mobile Video Surveillance Deters Thieves

This may be an advantage that both mobile surveillance units and construction site security guards have. When thieves see either present, they are often likely to move on to an easier target. However, you do not have to pay the cameras an hourly wage to be there. The cameras are always on time, they don’t fall asleep on the job, and can be more than one place at a time.

Security guards can be helpful in many industries and across many types of situations. However, for the highest level of construction site security, mobile video surveillance will keep your site more secure.




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