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Mobile Surveillance: The Benefits Are Endless

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Mobile Surveillance: The Benefits Are Endless

EyeSite Surveillance services all areas of the construction industry: home builders, contractors, commercial builders, and even with government contractors. Why do all these construction professionals rely on us? It is simple. The benefits of mobile surveillance make it the best option for protection of all kinds of construction projects.

Mobile Surveillance is, well, Mobile

One of the most obvious benefits of mobile security is just that: it is mobile! Unlike an established home or commercial building, a construction project is constantly changing. You need the flexibility of moving your surveillance equipment easily as your project progresses to maintain the best surveillance coverage. Being able to re-position your equipment will allow your surveillance to grow with your project. Having the level of service that EyeSite provides means that you have someone who will constantly be assessing your equipment and coverage and making necessary changes for you. This is one less worry for you as you manage your job site. You will know your site is fully protected.


Mobile Surveillance is Solar Powered

Not only are our surveillance units mobile, they are also solar powered. They don’t require the electrical infrastructure to be in place to support the equipment. They have a small footprint on your site. Also, they will not be draining power from a generator or require unsafe cords to be pulled across your site. Mobile surveillance units will protect your site from intruders. Because they are solar powered, they will also help keep your site clean of encumbrances like cords and extra generators.

Solar powered surveillance units also means that they will still work through a power outage or intentional disruption to power on a site. In other words, if an intruder decides to try to cut power so they won’t be spotted, they will be unsuccessful.

Mobile Surveillance is Customizable

Mobile surveillance units are highly customizable to suit your needs. You can equip them with a variety of cameras, depending on the needs of your site. Our standard video resolution is high at 4 MP, but we can even equip your mobile surveillance unit with ultra high resolution cameras. Our pan, tilt, zoom cameras can provide amazing capabilities with looking around your site and using video analytics to interpret the scene. For sites with little to no lighting at night, we even have thermal cameras available. We customize mobile surveillance units to fit your site’s every surveillance need.

Mobile Surveillance is Reliable

Live security guards can be valuable in some situations. However, they cannot be everywhere all the time. If you rely on a live security guard only for your surveillance, they will likely miss a lot. Even if they do prevent an intrusion or assist in apprehension of intruders, eye witness testimony is not as reliable as video surveillance footage. Witnesses often miss details or get things wrong in testimony. However, video surveillance footage will accurately show how an event transpired.

Unfortunately, live security guards also have other faults as humans. Some security guards may fall asleep on the job. Some thieves may even persuade guards to help in an intrusion or theft. Mobile surveillance units will just detect and report the facts. They do not fall asleep, and no one can manipulate them.

Mobile Surveillance is Economical

Whether you are considering a live security guard or installing permanent cameras on your construction site, mobile security will offer a more economical approach. Permanent surveillance systems typically require a significant upfront cost. Renting mobile security units will give you the flexibility as your project progresses without the cash outlay for the equipment. Paying a security guard can be costly as well, especially since they cannot offer the same coverage as mobile surveillance units. Not only do the cameras cover more ground at once, but they can also “see” much more than a security guard and capture details that may pass by the guard.

When you factor all costs associated with permanent security solutions or live security guards, it is easy to see why mobile surveillance is the way to go.

Mobile Surveillance Provides for Remote Monitoring

Whether you opt for remote self-monitoring or professional monitoring, your site can stay protected. Professional monitoring will give you peace of mind to know that someone is always watching and ready to respond to any site breaches. It takes the pressure off of you and allows you to enjoy your time off. Mobile surveillance with high tech cameras combined with professional monitoring greatly decreases false alarms and unnecessary dispatch of authorities. On the other hand, video verified intrusions take priority in dispatch of local authorities. This means quicker response and higher probability of on-site apprehension of any intruders. Professional monitoring service providers know protocol for handling an intrusion. They can quickly and efficiently evaluate the situation and act to assist authorities in apprehending the intruder.

Mobile Surveillance is More Flexible for your Timeline

Mobile surveillance is a temporary solution for the duration of a project. It allows for a short-term to long-term (depending on the project) contract that fits your needs exactly. You don’t have to worry about if a permanent camera location is right for long-term or whether things will change before a contract is complete. Your EyeSite team makes any adjustments necessary to your equipment (yes, your contract price includes these visits and adjustments!) and can always upgrade your contract if you find your equipment needs are greater than initial plans indicated. As a temporary solution, you don’t have to pay out for equipment you are not sure is the right one for your completed project.

Mobile Surveillance Allows you to Monitor your Site at all times

Protecting your site does not just mean at night. Mobile surveillance allows you to monitor what happens on your site during working hours, as well. You can see what employees and subcontractors are working on and where personnel is on location. We can program our systems with set perimeters (perhaps where special supplies and equipment is kept) and alarms for a breach. You can quickly check to see if it is someone who belongs in that zone, then go on about your business. It even protects you in case of an on-site accident by recording the events as they happened.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera Quality from EYESITE SURVEILLANCE on Vimeo.


Mobile Surveillance Varies by Provider

Mobile surveillance is not the same product and service from everyone who offers it. Like many services, you get what you pay for with mobile surveillance services. Not all video quality is the same; not all service is the same. EyeSite provides you the best technology paired with the best service. We give you a one-price contract that includes adjustments to equipment and services as necessary. We make it easy on you if you decide you need additional services or equipment. Our team’s goal is to ensure you have complete coverage of your site at all times. We will always advise you on the best equipment with the best monitoring possibilities to ensure full protection of your site.

Many mobile surveillance providers have hidden service fees for site visits or adjustments. Many providers offer great technology, but fair or poor service in ensuring customer satisfaction. Some providers provide good service with technology that just won’t get you results you need to keep your site, your tools, your equipment, and your employees and subcontractors safe.

EyeSite Surveillance has the answer to your construction site mobile surveillance needs. Please give us the opportunity to show you the difference EyeSite can make in the protection of your site. Call us at 855-4NoTheft (855-466-8433) to find out how we can work with you to stop theft.



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