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How Mobile Radar Is Improving Jobsite Security
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Mobile Radar Security System

How Mobile Radar Is Improving Jobsite Security

Pairing mobile radar systems with advanced jobsite security cameras allow more and more organizations to greatly enhance their security efforts.

In today’s security market, many companies offer packages that depend on multiple devices and numerous sensors to provide comprehensive coverage. However, this approach can be overwhelming, forcing you to navigate through an excessive number of sensors and devices.

Fortunately, what was once exclusively military technology has now been introduced into the commercial space, resulting in the evolution of modern jobsite security in construction and industrial sites, automotive dealerships, airports, and other facilities.

What Is a Mobile Radar System?

Mobile Radar Security System

Mobile radar provides innovative solutions for jobsite security thanks to unique monitoring characteristics that give them an edge over many existing technologies.

While the current configuration of mobile radar only became available recently, radar is a well-established technology. Developers initially created it for military use, giving them the ability to detect objects like aircraft and missiles.

Today, we can implement mobile radars in commercial spaces, which enable you to monitor a perimeter and the area within by tracking multiple moving targets simultaneously.

Furthermore, the latest radar technology can integrate with auto-tracking pan-tilt-zoom or PTZ cameras, allowing it to monitor vast areas without facing the inconvenience of false alarm events. Mobile radar systems filter out the effects of shadows, car light movements, insects attracted to the infrared sensors, small animals, and weather, meaning none of these distractions will hinder the system as it monitors your site.

How Mobile Radar Technology Is Revolutionizing Jobsite Security

Mobile radars are gradually becoming a crucial aspect of jobsite security, thanks to their greater survivability and ability to significantly extend the surveillance and tracking range. Today, the resolution of advanced radar sensors is high enough to enable presence detection and provide many advanced features beneficial to your construction site security.

Backed by the extensive range and field of view the radar provides and its multi-functional and automation potential, this technology is gradually revolutionizing modern jobsite security.

Key Features of Mobile Radar Cameras

Accurate Detection Over Wide Areas

As helpful as they are, traditional construction site security cameras and motion detectors, like video motion detection, have several limitations. For starters, they are unable to pinpoint the exact location of an intruder. Many of them can only alert you of the intruder’s general area of detection.

However, mobile radars have the necessary technology to pinpoint the intruder’s exact position. They can even provide you with motion trails and directions.

Video Linking

Mobile radars can also link to traditional jobsite security cameras, providing you with a configuration that not only triggers an alarm when it detects intruders but also triggers automatic video recording. The feature even gives you the ability to verify an intruder’s identity.

Simultaneous Tracking

You can install the technology in multiple locations, accurately tracking and recording various target images simultaneously. If that wasn’t enough, the technology does all this while identifying the targets’ precise movements, such as walking, crouching, running, and crawling.

High Reliability

With external elements unable to affect the accuracy of mobile radars, the technology promises to offer you high reliability. It complements your traditional CCTV systems during conditions like dense fog, snow, or rain.

Additional Benefits Offered by Mobile Radar:

  • Incredibly Accurate Day & Night Detection
  • Detects an object’s speed, distance, angle, and classification
  • 120 Degree wide angle Horizontal Detection
  • Up to a 50 Meter (164 ft) range
  • Combining with PTZ cameras allows auto-tracking capabilities for visual verification by a monitoring station

Suitable Applications for Mobile Radar Cameras & Security Systems

One of the main driving forces behind the integration of mobile radar technology in jobsite security systems is its multiple and diverse application areas. Here are a few places that could significantly benefit from the technology’s innovative monitoring:

Military Establishments: With radar initially meant for military use, military establishments are the first suitable application area for mobile radars. Preventing unauthorized access goes a long way in securing sensitive information and materials.

Construction Sites: Few job sites are more hectic and hazardous than construction sites. Fortunately, mobile radar allows you to track and monitor multiple moving targets, helping you enforce total construction site security.

Auto Dealerships: The valuable assets auto dealerships house place them at increased risk of theft. However, having a reliable monitoring and security system deters theft and comes in handy should damages or theft occur.

Airports: The heavy foot traffic airports experience makes traditional CCTV cameras inefficient at providing comprehensive security. Fortunately, by integrating these cameras with mobile radar, you can better safeguard the area.

Industrial Complexes: Similar to airports, industrial complexes also experience heavy foot traffic. Thanks to the accurate and real-time tracking and monitoring mobile radars provide, it is easier to stay on top of everything going on throughout the area.

Prisons: Besides helping you prevent unauthorized access, the technology can also be helpful in correction facilities. On top of preventing escape, it can go a long way in helping guards maintain order.

Parking Lots: It is common for people to take advantage of the lax security many parking lots have. Fortunately, mobile radar can offer the additional security necessary to prevent potential damage and theft.

Power Plants and Oil Refineries: Oil refineries and power plants can also benefit from mobile radar technology, effectively preventing intruders from gaining access to restricted areas.

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