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Four Layers of Protection for Your Jobsite
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Four Layers of Protection for Your Jobsite

Construction site vandalism and theft are expensive, expansive problems. However, when you have four layers of protection for your jobsite, you can rest a little easier. Some surveillance offerings can protect your site in one, two, maybe even three ways. You need the four layers of protection that a comprehensive system with the highest level of service provides.

Layer 1: Deterrence

Just the presence of state-of-the-art equipment on your jobsite will deter some theft. Vandalism wastes time and money to handle. When vandals see the surveillance equipment, they will likely move on to an easier, less risky target. You will stay on schedule and lose less materials when you have surveillance in place, meaning more money for your project in the end.

Layer 2: Detection

four layers of protection using security surveillanceThe next layer of protection that is essential for your jobsite is detection. Your security system must be able to detect intruders. There are many ways to configure systems to provide the four layers of protection. For detection, perimeter sensors may be your best option. Perhaps cameras placed in discrete locations is best. Often, the security needs for a jobsite change as the project progresses. You need a surveillance team who will make adjustments when necessary to maintain the best coverage for your site.

Layer 3: Assessment

The ability to assess a breach and immediately respond appropriately is critical in security. There are multiple ways to assess the situation.  Some use Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. These cameras can be set up to immediately point to the source of the breach and record, even if no one actively controls the camera to do so. Video-verified alarms, two-way audio warning systems, and license plate cameras can also assist in assessment of a breach. If the breach is determined to be a true threat to the property, the proper authorities can also be notified.

Layer 4: Apprehension

Having the first three of the four layers of protection in place make the fourth layer easier to obtain. Apprehension works much smoother when theEyeSite Security's Four Layers of Surveillance Protection detection and assessment layers have been successful. Police will respond with higher priority when an alarm is video-verified. With the proper equipment and service, the responding officers can often be provided real-time updates, which leads to a higher apprehension rate. When offenders are apprehended on property, the prosecution rate is also higher. Catch the guys and get them taken care of by our legal system.

Why Four Layers of Protection?

With any of the pieces of the puzzle missing, you will not be as effective in reducing theft and vandalism on your jobsite. When your equipment and service allow for the highest levels of deterrence, detection, assessment, and apprehension, your work will be able to continue as scheduled without the nuisance and expense of theft and vandalism.



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