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Eyesite Surveillance, Inc. Sponsored the 36th AIA Sandcastle Competition
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Eyesite Surveillance, Inc. Sponsored the 36th AIA Sandcastle Competition

Eyesite Surveillance, Inc. sponsored the 36th AIA Sandcastle Competition, which took place on Saturday, August 12th, at 1923 Boddeker, in Galveston, TX.

Eyesite, a pioneering leader in innovative construction site security solutions, was proud to be part of such an exciting and monumental competition. This highly anticipated event, a cornerstone of creativity and craftsmanship in the world of architecture and construction, brings together a diverse array of industry professionals, including Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, Sub Contractors, and vendors.

Known for its commitment to technological advancement and unwavering dedication to enhancing security measures, Eyesite Surveillance took a central role in preserving the memories and achievements of this landmark event. The company provided the use of two state-of-the-art Mobile Surveillance Units, equipped with cutting-edge progression cameras, which meticulously documented the entire competition with a captivating time-lapse video.

The AIA Sandcastle Competition, which is hosted annually in Galveston, has gained iconic status as one of the most prominent gatherings in the construction industry. This year’s event showcased the creativity and expertise of 48 competing teams who vied for the prestigious gold bucket award.

As one of the top revenue-generating events for the city of Galveston, the competition provides an opportunity for industry professionals to converge and celebrate their shared passion for architecture and construction.

This year, Eyesite Surveillance, Inc.’s Mobile Surveillance Units played a pivotal role in recording the sandcastle showdown, capturing all the extraordinary artistry displayed by the competing teams. The resulting time-lapse video encapsulated the essence of the event, serving as a lasting testament to the participants’ ingenuity and dedication.

Eyesite Surveillance Congratulates the 36th AIA Sandcastle Competition Winners:

  • GOLD BUCKET (First Place): Bug Television Site #16
  • SILVER SHOVEL (Second Place): Archipelago: The Road to the Throne Site #24
  • BRONZE SHOVEL (Third Place): Bowser’s Bootcamp Site #22

To learn more about Eyesite Surveillance and the security solutions they offer the construction industry, you can contact their team directly at 855-466-8433.

First Place Winner


Second Place Winner



Third Place Winner



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