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Does More Surveillance Equipment Equal Better Jobsite Security?

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Excessive Surveillance Equipment Vs Expert Jobsite Security

Does More Surveillance Equipment Equal Better Jobsite Security?

Installing high-tech surveillance equipment is an essential part of construction site security. However, installing excessive amounts of security equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that your site will be safer. Instead, it usually only indicates that you’ve spent more money.

Below, our experts at EyeSite Surveillance look into this common misconception about jobsite security and break down some best practices for surveillance equipment installation at construction sites.

What It Means to Have a Secure Jobsite

Commercial construction sites lose more than $1 billion each year from theft of equipment and materials, and residential jobsites lose more than $4 billion. A major benefit of having high-quality, reliable jobsite security is preventing this loss of funds due to theft and vandalism.

The right jobsite security solution will catch any suspicious activity and keep intruders from wreaking havoc on your jobsite. It will also deter them from targeting and entering it in the first place.

Proper jobsite security can also keep your workers safe by monitoring all jobsite activity. You can use security cameras and other equipment to ensure that workers follow safety protocols and catch potentially unsafe conditions before they cause harm.

The Value of Investing in Superior Jobsite Security Over Extensive Equipment

Achieving the best jobsite security isn’t just about buying a lot of security cameras and other technology. It’s about finding the right security equipment for your needs and pairing it with expert services.

The most effective construction site security solutions include services such as strategic placement and installation, equipment servicing, access control systems, and around-the-clock monitoring. Even the most highly advanced security technology isn’t effective without these services.

It’s much wiser to invest in professional services to go along with your security equipment than to buy more technology. Professionals will make sure the equipment you purchase does its job properly and that you get the most security for your money.

Construction Site Security Solutions You Can Count On

The company you choose to work with can significantly impact your security solution’s effectiveness. At EyeSite Surveillance, for example, we offer custom combinations of high-quality security equipment and services, including:

  • Mobile Surveillance Units: These solar-powered units offer high-resolution, around-the-clock surveillance on even the most remote jobsites.
  • ATOM Surveillance Systems: These pole-mounted or trailer-mounted units offer state-of-the-art surveillance in areas with limited space.
  • Mobile Radar: More effective than motion-sensing equipment, this technology helps detect suspicious activity with fewer false alarms.
  • Short-Range Thermal Cameras: These construction site security cameras use thermal imaging to capture movement in areas without much ambient light.
  • Long-Range Thermal Cameras: These surveillance cameras capture high-resolution video footage at great distances.
  • Video Analytics Cameras: These cameras use high-tech algorithms to identify unwanted action much more reliably and accurately than video motion detection cameras.
  • Expert Monitoring Services: Security technology doesn’t mean much if it’s not combined with real-time monitoring and response by industry professionals.

The best jobsite security companies will tailor security solutions to meet your unique needs. Security experts should take the time to understand your jobsite and your needs and do a risk assessment before recommending any security solutions to you.

EyeSite Surveillance: Reliable Jobsite Security = Reliable Results

At EyeSite Surveillance, we help you find the right solutions for your jobsite’s unique security needs. We offer state-of-the-art construction site security technology along with top-notch services delivered by highly trained professionals.

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