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Commercial Incident – Phoenix, AZ

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Commercial Incident – Phoenix, AZ

On Saturday, 4/6/19 at 18:42, the EyeSite monitoring team received an alarm triggered by human
activity in Phoenix, AZ. At 18:45 the customer was informed of the incident. Authorization was
given to dispatch the local police.

The monitoring station immediately contacted the dispatch office and at 18:52 the police were
dispatched to the site. At 19:00 the Phoenix Police arrived on the scene where they found two
juveniles playing soccer on the playground.

Incident report number 19000579025, revealed that the juveniles had access to the construction
site through the opened fence at the location. The juveniles left the site without incident. Per the
Project Manager nothing was missing from the job site.

There was no suspect or investigative lead information listed based on the age of the juvenile.
The incident was cleared as a valid alarm.



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