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Construction Site Theft Costing You? EyeSite Can Help.
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Construction Site Theft Costing You? EyeSite Can Help.

Construction site theft is a costly problem in our industry. With all the costs considered, some figures estimate the cost of construction site theft near $1 billion or more!

Why is construction site theft so costly?

Construction site theft affects many areas financially. The stolen items must be replaced, but there is much more to consider:

  • Delayed timeline of project
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Loss of new jobs due to delays
  • Training cost for new employees if thieves are caught and are workers on the site
  • Damage to facilities or equipment
  • Many more unforeseen costs

Because of the nature of many of these costs, it is almost impossible to get an accurate count of exactly how much construction site theft may cost your company.

How do you stop construction site theft?

There are many ways to address construction site theft and many companies who will claim to help you do it. However, if they are not offering four layers of protection for your site, they are not offering enough. EyeSite can offer these four layers to be sure your construction site is secure:

  • Deterrence: Just the sight of surveillance cameras will often deter thieves from targeting your site.
  • Detection: Your surveillance options include perimeter sensors to help you know when someone has breached the site after hours.
  • Assessment: The difference between any cameras and the best cameras on your construction site may be the ability to use video analytics and such to assess the situation after a breach.
  • Apprehension: Your surveillance system is all for naught if you do not catch thieves. EyeSite offers the right technology and the right services to bring thieves to justice.

If you miss any of the four layers of protection, you are not fully protecting your construction site.

Why are surveillance cameras a better option than a live security guard?

Live security guards can be helpful in many applications. However, for construction site security, you need surveillance cameras to be sure you are protecting your site. When using the best equipment and service to address all construction site security needs, mobile video surveillance has these advantages over a live security guard:

  • Covers more ground: a live security guard can only be in one place at one site theft
  • Reduces response time: video-verified alarm breaches are given priority when dispatching police, cutting down on response time to a breach.
  • Recordings allow for accurate recall of facts: a live security guard may not always see everything or remember everything accurately. Recorded video allows for accurate recollection.
  • Thief Deterrence: a live security guard may not be as great a deterrent as cameras covering an entire construction site.

Video surveillance has too many advantages to entrust your construction site to one person.

What steps can you take to protect your construction site outside of surveillance?

Video surveillance is the best way to keep your construction site secure. However, there are may other measures you can take to protect your construction site that will only enhance your efforts through security.

  • Have a security plan. Creating a construction site security plan will help you to focus on security and the importance it bears on your project. Your plan should clearly lay out security policies and expectations, and you must communicate it to all involved with your project.
  • DANGER Construction site unauthorized persons keep outSet up appropriate surface protection. Fencing the perimeter of your construction site is important not only to prevent theft, but also to keep people off your site and preventing accidents or injuries. Post signs to warn would-be vandals and thieves of the consequences and risks they take when they choose to break the law. Light your site well at night to discourage intrusion.
  • Secure tools and equipment. Having great video surveillance is not an excuse to treat equipment and tools irresponsibly. Secure them each night to reduce your risk of someone stealing them.
  • Know where your tools are. Keep an inventory and accounting system in place for your valuable tools and equipment. This will also discourage internal theft when employees and sub-contractors know they will all give an answer for the tools and equipment they use.
  • Use surveillance cameras with the best service. Getting the right technology in place to protect your construction site is important. You must also have the service and expertise that ensures the technology is doing the most good for your site.

Protection comes in many forms. Taking the appropriate steps to protect your site in all possible ways will set you up for success in stopping construction site theft.

Why do I need cameras to stop construction site theft?

Surveillance cameras are simply the most effective way to protect your construction site. Here is why:

  • Surveillance cameras deter thieves. Just the sight of cameras (posted out of reach of vandals, of course), will encourage thieves to move on to an easier target. The lights on the cameras and signage with the cameras show potential thieves that not only are there cameras, but someone is also watching.
  • Surveillance cameras detect intruders. There are many options for the right technology to detect intruders in a way that makes sense for your site.
  • Surveillance cameras can move as your project progresses. EyeSite does not just place cameras on your site in the beginning and come pick them up at the end of a project. Our top-notch service professionals will be sure that as your project progresses, we place your cameras in the appropriate locations to protect your whole site.
  • Surveillance cameras can help assess the situation during a breach. Assessment during a breach leads to fewer false alarms, appropriate response to the breach, and quicker dispatch of law enforcement, when necessary.
  • Surveillance cameras record events for accurate recall. Recordings of events are more reliable than eye witness testimony.
  • Surveillance cameras increase chances of on-site apprehension. Law enforcement responds more quickly to video-verified alarms, and this leads to quicker and often on-site apprehension of thieves.
  • Surveillance cameras provide real-time updates for law enforcement.

When coupled with outstanding service, there is no substitute for great technology. The right security partners will be sure your site is constantly fully protected to stop construction site theft.

EyeSite Surveillance Can Help!

EyeSite offers state-of-the-art technology with the best service to be sure you and your site are protected from construction site theft. We don’t just want to put cameras on your construction site. We partner with you to be sure we address and resolve all your questions and concerns. Not only does our technology and service protect your site, but we also protect your peace of mind. Construction site theft is so costly to all of those involved in the construction industry. Take a stand against theft, and STOP construction site theft. EyeSite is the partner who can help you do that. Whether your needs are mobile surveillance units, video-verified alarms, professional monitoring, video analytics, or more, we always want to find the custom solution that is best for your site.

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EyeSite Surveillance is the top-quality, all-inclusive pricing, construction site security expert. We do not want you to question whether you have the best service. It is clear. Our team will address your every need. If you haven’t called us yet, now is the time. Call us at 855-466-8433, or go to our website to get your quote started today!





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