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Construction Site Security Services vs. Ring Security Cameras

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Construction Site Security Services

Construction Site Security Services vs. Ring Security Cameras

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Did you know that the construction industry loses up to $1 billion annually to theft, according to the National Equipment Register?

The Great American Insurance Group also points out that about 90% of thefts occur between 6 PM on Friday and 6 AM on Monday. Equipment loss can cost your company a fortune in delayed projects, equipment replacement, and unsatisfied clients. You can prevent these problems by investing in a professional construction site security service.

Having ring security cameras alone may not be enough to prevent theft and vandalism while ensuring the safety of your workers. You want a reliable construction site security service combined with high-tech security equipment. That’s where Eyesite Surveillance comes in.

Eyesite Surveillance is the leading provider of construction site security equipment and services, offering state-of-the-art video surveillance and security cameras to help minimize the impact of theft and vandalism on your construction site.

Why Thorough Construction Site Security Is Critical

Construction sites are one of the places most vulnerable to thefts, vandalism, and other threats that may delay a project or expose the company to further financial losses and legal liabilities. That’s why proper construction site security is paramount.

You need a security solution that ensures asset protection, public safety, and loss prevention. Below are some specific reasons why a comprehensive security service is critical for construction sites.

Minimize TheftMobile Video Surveillance Unit

Construction sites are a common target for thieves and vandals because of the expensive equipment and materials usually left unguarded. The thieves may even make away with heavy machinery besides lumber, power tools, appliances, and various valuable metals.

There is also the risk of employee theft when you do not have thorough construction security measures in place. Long-term ramifications of stolen equipment and materials include delayed construction projects, increased costs, and dissatisfied clients.

Minimize Risk of Costly Liabilities

A thorough construction site security service can help curb losses by minimizing the risk of liabilities. If a thief steals something from your job site or someone gets injured on the construction site, you could be responsible for the damages.

With proper construction site security, you can prevent various incidents that cause liability. You may also get a discount on insurance premiums if you have a reliable security service in place.

Peace of Mind

When thieves steal or vandalize your construction equipment, its replacement will often cost you thousands of dollars. Equipment loss or damage also translates to valuable wasted time. You can prevent all these issues by investing in thorough construction site security.

When you take sufficient measures to prevent losses and minimize the risk of liabilities in your construction site, you will have total peace of mind knowing that your projects are secure.

Full-Service Jobsite Security vs. Stand-Alone Ring Cameras

Previously established, the Ring security cameras alone cannot provide your construction site with complete security and safety.

While these cameras may provide evidence of a crime after the fact, without professional monitoring, the documentation alone doesn’t quite solve the problem. It’s best to invest in full-spectrum job site security services from experts who specialize in that field of security.

Full-service jobsite security offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Theft Deterrent: The primary advantage of having comprehensive security on your construction site is that it discourages criminals from targeting your property. A combination of security personnel and surveillance cameras can make it challenging for thieves to steal something without getting noticed.
  • Ensure Site Safety: Full-service job site security helps you ensure the safety of your workers and the public. Security personnel can monitor the activities on the site and ensure that everyone complies with jobsite safety protocols.
  • Avert Vandalism: Vandals often target construction sites. With full-service construction site security, you can prevent vandalism by keeping an eye on your property and apprehending the vandals in the act.
  • Lower Insurance Costs: Having a comprehensive security service on your site can help lower your insurance costs. Insurance companies usually offer discounts to businesses that have invested in professional security.
  • Prevent Site Tresspass: Random individuals usually try to access construction sites to vandalize or steal property. With a robust security system, you can prevent such individuals from entering your property.

Eyesite Surveillance provides top-of-the-line security equipment to help protect your site from various criminal activities. EyeSite employs four layers of protection to ensure the safety of your construction project and give you peace of mind.

The Value in Expert Security Services

Construction sites are among the most targeted areas for theft. The high demand for materials like steel, copper piping, lumber, and electrical panels makes construction sites a lucrative target for criminals and vandals. However, it can be challenging to calculate the actual value of lost or damaged equipment and materials.

The billions of dollars that the construction industry losses annually account for much more than small-time theft and vandalism. Besides theft and vandalism, accidents and employee distractions can also lead to significant losses and liabilities.

Law enforcement recovers as little as 10% of all items stolen from construction sites due to inadequacies in security. Investing in expert security services can hugely impact your bottom line, protecting your assets, promoting productivity, and ensuring jobsite safety.

Besides keeping your properties and workers safe, professional security systems warn potential criminals that someone is watching them.

Construction Site Security That WorksJob site Security Monitoring

Are you ready to fully protect your construction site and stop worrying about financial losses and legal liabilities? Then, you could benefit from expert security services by Eyesite Surveillance.

We are the go-to company with years of experience in construction site security. Our team comprises highly-trained professionals committed to helping our clients protect their property from theft, vandalism, and other threats.

We offer a wide selection of construction security services and equipment to meet your specific job site needs and budget. Contact Eyesite Surveillance today at 855-466-8433 to speak with our experts about your security needs.



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