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Construction Site Security & Monitoring 101

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Construction Site Security & Monitoring 101

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Construction site security and monitoring is an essential part of successfully running and completing construction projects without setbacks.

Whether your company manages small residential developments or large commercial construction projects, a comprehensive security plan backed by reliable surveillance and criminal deterrence technology is crucial.

This short article shares a few of the most impactful construction site security and monitoring tips that every company should utilize.

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Security Staple Number 1: Assess Your Construction Site Security Risks & Develop a Plan

Every construction project has different needs when it comes to comprehensive security plans.

To ensure that your construction site will be secured at every angle, closely assess your risk factors before developing a plan of action.

Your initial security needs assessment should be as thorough as possible so that you are equipped with the knowledge needed to secure your jobsite, your equipment, and the safety of your team members to the fullest extent.

Security Staple Number 2: Provide Staff with Safety & Security Training

When developing your plan for construction site security monitoring and enforcement, your entire team should be brought in and trained on the purpose of your project’s security as well as the importance of complying with procedures.

Having your whole team involved will strengthen your new security system and its effectiveness.

Security Staple Number 3: Create a Secure Storage Area

One of the largest security concerns among the construction industry is equipment tampering, vandalism, and theft.

That being said, the next crucial part of securing your jobsite is implementing a strictly designated storage area to house all of your construction equipment and tools.

Your storage area must be fully secured in every way possible to prevent theft, damage, and project delays successfully.

Security Staple Number 4: Fence & Secure Your Jobsite Perimeters

Fenced in construction site

Because deterrence is your first line of defense against criminal activity, fencing, locks, and other obvious security measures are essential.

Your projects should always be entirely fenced off from intruders when possible.

Also, be sure to use your fencing as an effective way to advertise your jobsite’s security; You can do this with clearly placed “no trespassing” signs and visibly active security equipment.

These obvious security measures will do a lot to ward off criminal activity before intrusions even occur.

Security Staple Number 5: Invest in Proactive Construction Site Security Services

Invest in jobsite security services that you can rely on to provide and enforce airtight security solutions.

A highly trained jobsite security company like EyeSite Surveillance will ensure no holes are left in your security system.

EyeSite provides you with high-tech ways to deter intruders, monitor jobsite activity, and even catch criminals in the act to minimize future problems.

Security Staple Number 6: Lastly, and most importantly, Get Started Now!

To learn how EyeSite Surveillance can ensure your next project’s security, call today for an in-depth consultation.

Our advanced team of security professionals is sure to meet your needs and exceed your security requirements every step of the way!


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