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Commercial Incident Report – Tucson, AZ

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Commercial Incident Report – Tucson, AZ

On 7/14/19 at 01:59 AM the EyeSite Monitoring team received an alarm activation triggered by Human Activity. The only description given for the suspect was that the person had a back pack and something on their head and that the alarm was coming from the southwest corner inside by the swimming pool.  At 02:00 AM attempts to contact someone from the responsible party list met with negative results. Contact was immediately made with the Tucson Police Department. At 02:06 AM the police were dispatched to the site. It is unknown what time the police department arrived but the next notification by the police department was noted at 02:46 AM, which advised that they were on site. At 03:09 AM the police arrested an individual who has yet to be identified. There was no description of the suspect.

This incident requires further investigation.

The police report number associated with the arrest is 1907140113. 



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