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Commercial Incident Report – Goodyear, AZ

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Commercial Incident Report – Goodyear, AZ

On Sunday 4/14/19 at 14:36 PM the EyeSite monitoring team received notification of human
activity in Goodyear, AZ. The person on site had dark short hair and was seen wearing a dark
colored t-shirt, and light colored jeans.

The customer was contacted immediately and gave the authorization to dispatch police to the
jobsite. Contact was made with the Goodyear Police Department and at 14:46 PM, Goodyear
Police officers were dispatched to the location.

By 15:17 PM the officers had reported back to the EyeSite monitoring team that they had a
subject in custody for trespassing. At the time of this synopsis there was no suspect information
available. A detailed report will be completed upon review of the police report. The report
number is 2019-12702.



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