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Arrest Update: Oak Grove Avenue Dallas, TX

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Arrest Update

As reported by Brandon Eaden, EyeSite Surveillance Alarm Coordinator.

Please note that this update was taken from the redacted version received from the Dallas Police Department: 

On Friday, June 28, 2019, at approximately 3:35 AM Officers of Central Patrol in Dallas responded to a Burglary Alarm call on Oak Grove Avenue in Dallas, Texas. As officers were responding they received information from EyeSite Surveillance that an unknown male was inside the location on the second floor. As Officers arrived on scene they observed a chain-link fence surrounding the location with  EyeSite Surveillance NO TRESPASSING warning signs on the fence. Officers surrounded the location creating a perimeter to prevent escape. While setting up the perimeter, the Officers observed the suspect moving a piece of plywood from a window in an attempt to escape officers.

Before making entry into the building a representative from the Construction contractor arrived on the scene. The representative confirmed that no one had permission to be inside the building at that time.

After searching the building officers were unable to locate the suspect and left the building. After approximately thirty minutes Officers made an entry once more and located the suspect hiding on the second floor covered in sheetrock dust. The officers searched the suspect and placed him in custody without incident.

A Dallas Officer walked the suspect back inside the construction site afterward to search for anything that was tampered with. The construction contractor representative pointed out that the suspect had gathered a box full of wires and left it sitting in the hallway on the second floor.

Officers transported the suspect to Lew Sterrett jail for booking.  The offense was cleared by the arrest of the suspect for Burglary of a Building.



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