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EyeSite Surveillance Hires Alarm Coordinator and Law Enforcement Liaison

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Eyesites Alarm coordinator and law enforcement liaison

EyeSite Surveillance Hires Alarm Coordinator and Law Enforcement Liaison

EyeSite Surveillance, Inc. is always looking for ways to maintain and improve our top-notch service. Because of this, we are pleased to announce its recent hire of Brandon Eaden, Alarm Coordinator and Law Enforcement Liaison.  Eaden will focus on false alarm compliance and will serve as a primary contact for clients, municipalities and monitoring stations.

“I was attracted to EyeSite Surveillance after serving for over 30 years in public safety and service administration because of their proactive approach to solving theft and vandalism problems throughout Arizona and, more recently, Texas.  Their professionalism and drive to always do what is right made them a good fit for me in this stage of my career,” Eaden said.

Eaden’s Experience

Eaden comes to EyeSite after spending 7 years with the City of Tempe (AZ). He performed multiple duties there including developing and promoting community education programs focused primarily on false alarm prevention and compliance (a growing issue with most municipalities throughout the U.S.).

Eaden’s broad experience also includes positions as Communications Dispatcher, Community Service Officer, Criminal Investigator and Crime Prevention Specialist.  He brings critical skills to the EyeSite alarm coordinator and law enforcement liaisonteam with his expertise in Alarm Code Compliance, Burglary and Report writing, Investigation and Interrogation Training, Security Planning and Special Event Coordination.

Eaden is a member of FARA (False Alarm Reduction Association) and the Arizona Alarm Association. He even served as the Public Safety Chairperson for the Arizona Alarm Association from 2011 to 2016.  He has received numerous awards and much recognition in his field including Superior Service in Crime Investigations awarded by NAPRI (National Association of Property Recovery Investigators), and Customer Service Commendation and the Employee Council Award awarded by the Tempe Police Department.

As a member of the US Navy, Eaden served honorably from 1983 to 1987 as a Radioman.  He served at NAS Miramar San Diego, CA and Naval Supply Center Oakland, CA aboard the USS Kansas City AOR-3. Eaden completed a West-Pac tour which included travels to Hawaii, Guam, Subic Bay Philippines, Singapore, Diego Garcia, Muscat, Oman, Perth Western Australia, Anchorage, AK and Banff, British Columbia. Eaden says that some of his greatest conversations to date are with Veterans from all eras, especially with Homeless Vets.

Eaden’s Role – Alarm Coordinator and Law Enforcement Liaison

EyeSite Surveillance looks forward to having Eaden use his wealth of experience to improve the depth of service we offer. Eaden will employ skills gained in his past to experience to fulfill several roles. He will monitor and review alarm calls and police reports and track all arrests made during alarm activations. As alarm coordinator, he will develop and promote a false alarm prevention and compliance program. Additionally, Eaden will be an active member of several local Alarm Associations, enhance partnerships with law enforcement and ensure customer care by helping the client understand all municipal alarm ordinances and best practices.

We have no doubt that the addition of Brandon Eaden to our team will provide many benefits for our clients. We know he will help to smooth alarm compliance and help prevent false alarms as alarm coordinator. Also, having a central liaison for law enforcement will grow our presence in the communities in which we operate. Eaden will also foster deeper relationships with law enforcement. This is so important in providing for  even more complete protection for our clients.

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