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A Mobile Option To Site Surveillance

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A Mobile Option To Site Surveillance

The advancements in technology allow amazing opportunities for  job site surveillance and construction security.

The ability for a company to, literally, stop theft in its tracks has a new tool in the arsenal: The ESS-401 Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU). With an astounding ability to deter crime by 80%-90% once installed, this unit has the ability to change the way that loss prevention and remote site security are tackled.

Eyesite Security Mobile Surveillance UnitThese rapidly-deployable units are able to be placed in even the most challenging locations.  Since they are solar-powered, they provide a “green” approach to site surveillance by giving you the flexibility and freedom to place these units wherever you need them. The ability to digitally record surrounding movement onto a high capacity hard drive allows you to have “always-on” protection 24/7 for weeks at a time. Add to that state of the art, high resolution infrared cameras and you have a winning combination of technologies producing quality archived video available upon request with these fully configurable systems.

Because of the advanced technology employed in the Mobile Surveillance Units, you have the option to view what is happening on your site from anywhere your smart phone or tablet has internet or cell access. This technology is often used as a project management tool to keep tabs on employees or to check on the progress of a project. This technology combined with the ability to relocate the MSU around the jobsite as the project progresses gives you an unbelievably valuable tool to use not only as a deterrence to theft, but also as a powerful way to keep tabs on your jobsite when you are not physically there.

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Project Superintendent from Concord Builders- “It can be very frustrating when projects are burglarized, not to mention the delays & costs to the project. My project was hit over & over until EyeSite Surveillance was on site. We did not have another issue with being burglarized.”

The peace of mind that the Mobile Surveillance Unit can provide is priceless. This, combined with increased profitability that comes from decreased site loss makes working with EyeSite Surveillance, Inc. the strategic choice for minimizing the impact of construction site theft and vandalism.

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With a strong presence in Texas and Arizona, EyeSite Surveillance, Inc. is an industry leader in mobile site security and loss prevention. With a focus on customer service, EyeSite Surveillance, Inc. is committed to helping you increase profitability through innovative and comprehensive site surveillance and protection. For more information, visit or call 855-4No-Theft (855-466-8433).



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