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4 Security Weaknesses on Your Jobsite

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4 Security Weaknesses on Your Jobsite

There is no room for security weaknesses on your jobsite, and we are here to help. Security weaknesses on your jobsite can lead to vandalism, theft, and ultimately, lost profits. See how your jobsite measures up with these common areas of weakness. Do you have a concern? We’ll offer some solutions, too!

Weakness #1: Lack of basic surface protection

Everyone construction site needs basic surface protection. One of the most obvious security weaknesses on your jobsite is lack of protection. Your site should be fenced when possible. A perimeter fence is essential to a jobsite that contains valuable supplies, tools, and equipment. A perimeter fence is your first line of defense against intruders. Whether mischief or serious theft is his goal, an intruder will always select a site that is easy to breach first.

In addition to a perimeter fence, post clear signage warning of penalties for trespassing and theft. It may not be a deterrent to all would-be thieves, but it will warn some of consequences of their actions.

In addition to proper fencing and signage, secure tools and equipment as much as possible when unattended. Use locks that are not generically keyed, and be diligent about securing equipment.

Weakness #2: Weak entry points to jobsite

Entry and exit points are one of the particularly worrisome security weaknesses on your jobsite. Even when you have proper basic surface protection, entry and exit points can still be a concern. Gates and locks are essential to securing a site at night. Limiting access to keys or codes to open the site will decrease likelihood of a thief being successful by using someone who works at the site.

In addition to locks on gates, additional entry point measures will strengthen your overall site security. There are any number of additional measures that can be used at entry points. Some of the most effective could be the following:

technology can strengthen security weaknesses on your jobsite

  • License plate cameras
  • Perimeter intrusion alarms
  • Live talk-down capability

All of these features are particularly effective at points of entry.

Weakness #3: Darkness on the jobsite

Keeping a construction site well-lit at night may be ideal but not always feasible. Motion-sensor lights are a great addition to a jobsite security plan. Even with lights, though, dark spots remain, especially on a larger property. This is one of the security weaknesses on your jobsite that is best remedied with the right technology. Night vision cameras that can allow for surveillance up to 260 feet in complete darkness can help to protect even those dark areas.

surveillance strengthens security weaknesses on your jobsiteVisible surveillance cameras can deter thieves before they ever enter a site. Clear signage indicating that a site is protected by surveillance is helpful, as well. Mobile surveillance units covering the whole site will show would-be intruders that the site is fully protected. These units can be moved as a project progresses to ensure full coverage throughout the duration of the project. They also allow for live talk-down capability. This means that an intruder can be challenged audibly from anywhere without placing a guard or employee in danger.

If your jobsite is especially dark, thermal imaging cameras can help detect not only where thieves may be hiding, but also vehicles with warm engines that could be assisting in the theft. These cameras can detect an intruder from 1000 feet away and need no visible lighting at all to operate.

Weakness #4: No visible surveillance system

A video verified alarm system also allows for priority dispatch of authorities when necessary. Having the right technology and the right service for your project on your site in your area is essential to the best protection for your jobsite. Professional monitoring allows for even more strengthening of this and other security weaknesses on your jobsite.


You can find any number of security weaknesses on your jobsite, but these are ones we see most often. The best way to combat theft at your jobsite is to have a professional company consult with you on the specific needs of your site. Any time you have questions or concerns about security weaknesses on your jobsite, EyeSite Surveillance is here to help!




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