ATOM Video Surveillance Security System

Our ATOM video surveillance system is designed to keep job sites closely monitored and secured cost-effectively.

Our ATOM video surveillance system is designed to keep job sites closely monitored and secured cost-effectively.

Job site security threats and criminal activity are at an all-time high.

Every day, somewhere in the U.S., job sites (large and small) are experiencing impactful project delays due to criminal activity, equipment theft or tampering, and vandalism.

All of these criminal acts either occur in areas without security or where chosen security solutions aren't capable of effectively deterring criminals.

With EyeSite's ATOM Video Surveillance system, we can guarantee our clients convenient and affordable job site security solutions that work!

What Makes Our Video Surveillance System so Effective

Our state of the art ATOM security system can be mounted on job trailers or utility poles for convenient security monitoring solutions.

This incredibly compact and highly-effective security system offers job sites the highest resolution images possible via network-based camera technology.

This equipment offers a way to monitor your job sites and take swift action when needed.

Through homeland-security grade recording and monitoring software, we can offer our clients valuable peace of mind, reliable security solutions, and the most powerful viewing platform available.

Our high-tech video analytics technology offers real-time video analysis for job sites by detecting and reporting intrusion, loitering, theft, and project tampering as they occur.

This system is also equipped with alarming talk down capabilities that allow audio challenging to intruders who invade monitored sites.

Other intrusion detection options for the ATOM system include:

  • Incredibly accurate thermal imaging abilities
  • Highly sensitive motion sensor technology
  • Advanced radar systems
  • And Photobeam sensors

Why Efficient Job Site Security Solutions Matter

Due to consistently rising crime rates, reliable job site security solutions have quickly become less of an afterthought and more of a necessary step in securing the success of construction projects.

Criminal activity on job sites costs the U.S. billions of dollars in damages and setbacks every year.

Of course, most of these damages are preventable with effective security solutions like the ATOM video surveillance system.

Impactful Benefits of Video Surveillance Security For Job Sites:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Incident Decreases
  • Visual Crime Deterrents
  • The Ability to Deal with Security Breaches Faster & More Efficiently
  • Defense Against Equipment & Property Damages
  • Faster Law Enforcement Responses to Real-Time Criminal Activity
  • Reduced False Alarms
  • Theft Control
  • Higher Apprehension & Persecution Rates
  • Keep your jobs on time
  • Save Money

Secure Your Job Site Today & Start Saving Money for Tomorrow

At EyeSite Surveillance, we work incredibly hard to ensure that our clients get the absolute best in security!

Our ATOM security system is a well designed, completely customizable, and affordable way to secure your job site.

This system will allow you to efficiently protect your project's timeline and progress while saving money with a security solution that is tailored to meet your needs.

If you are ready to secure your construction projects and your name in the industry, give EyeSite Surveillance a call today!

Our state of the art video surveillance equipment offers everything you need in security.

Check Out Real Surveillance Site Footage.

Take a look at some real life situations where EyeSite Video Surveillance stopped job site theft in its tracks.

ESS HD-NET Standard Features

Multi –Megapixel Network Cameras
  • Our standard cameras are 4 Megapixels (double the resolution of 1080p from each camera!)
  • Standard Night Vision capability allows cameras to see up to 260 feet in complete darkness.
  • Wide angle lenses combined with ultra-high resolution allows our cameras to see more of your site!
NVR - Network Video Recorder
  • Our NVRs utilize the latest technology to provide intelligent video recording of our Multi-Megapixel camera technology
  • Next-generation technology leverages 100% Network architecture for the clearest possible images with the highest possible resolution
  • Our powerful NVR gives our clients the ability to stream live video and access recorded video from anywhere in the world in stunning clarity
  • Live talk-down capability allows audio challenges to intruders on monitored sites
VMS - Video Management System
  • Our Homeland Security grade video management software is extremely easy to use and requires little-to-no training
  • A free app allows streaming from any iPhone, iPad or Android device

ESS HD-NET Custom Features

Video Analytics Cameras
  • Cameras with embedded intelligence understand their environment and automatically alert monitoring station of intrusions.
  • Intelligent features include intrusion detection, loitering detection, stopped vehicle or person, directional filters, vehicle speed measurement and filtering, people counting, tailgate detection and color filtering.
  • Cameras continuously adapt to environmental changes and reject sources of false alarms.
  Thermal Imaging Cameras with Video Analytics
  • Cameras see differences in heat and require no visible light to operate
  • Our thermal cameras employing Video Analytics can detect human intruders from 1000 ft away
License Plate Cameras
  • Cameras capture clear images of moving license plates, day or night
  • time lapse cameras
  • Capable of capture up to 65 MPH
Time Lapse Cameras
  • Capture still images in high resolution to create a time lapse video over days, months or years!
Custom Integrations
  • The HD-NET platform allows a wide variety of cameras, sensors and devices to be combined into a site-specific monitored solution!
  • Our engineering and operations team have the education, experience and creativity to provide a custom solution that will meet the specific security needs of your site!

How does all this technology benefit our customers?

Watch video in real time? EASY!
Live Talk-Down capability to challenge intruders in real-time? EASY!
Bookmark important events to review later? EASY!
Export video? EASY!
Powerful time-line and search capabilities? EASY!

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