ATOM System

ATOM System

State of the art security that can be mounted on a job trailer or utility pole.

  • Highest resolution images possible via network-based camera technology.
  • Homeland-Security grade recording and monitoring software provide the most powerful viewing platform available.
  • Real-time video analysis via EyeSite’s Video Analytics technology can detect and report after-hours intrusion, loitering and object tampering.
  • Other potent intrusion detection options include Thermal Imaging, Motion Sensors, Radar Systems, Photobeam Sensors.
  • Highly customizable to suit clients’ needs and budget.
Includes live Talk-Down capability, allowing audio challenges to intruders on monitored sites.

Check Out Real Surveillance Site Footage.

Take a look at some real life situations where EyeSite Video Surveillance stopped job site theft in its tracks.

ESS HD-NET Standard Features

Multi –Megapixel Network Cameras
  • Our standard cameras are 4 Megapixels (double the resolution of 1080p from each camera!)
  • Standard Night Vision capability allows cameras to see up to 260 feet in complete darkness.
  • Wide angle lenses combined with ultra-high resolution allows our cameras to see more of your site!
NVR - Network Video Recorder
  • Our NVRs utilize the latest technology to provide intelligent video recording of our Multi-Megapixel camera technology
  • Next-generation technology leverages 100% Network architecture for the clearest possible images with the highest possible resolution
  • Our powerful NVR gives our clients the ability to stream live video and access recorded video from anywhere in the world in stunning clarity
  • Live talk-down capability allows audio challenges to intruders on monitored sites
VMS - Video Management System
  • Our Homeland Security grade video management software is extremely easy to use and requires little-to-no training
  • A free app allows streaming from any iPhone, iPad or Android device

ESS HD-NET Custom Features

Video Analytics Cameras
  • Cameras with embedded intelligence understand their environment and automatically alert monitoring station of intrusions.
  • Intelligent features include intrusion detection, loitering detection, stopped vehicle or person, directional filters, vehicle speed measurement and filtering, people counting, tailgate detection and color filtering.
  • Cameras continuously adapt to environmental changes and reject sources of false alarms.
  Thermal Imaging Cameras with Video Analytics
  • Cameras see differences in heat and require no visible light to operate
  • Our thermal cameras employing Video Analytics can detect human intruders from 1000 ft away
License Plate Cameras
  • Cameras capture clear images of moving license plates, day or night
  • time lapse cameras
  • Capable of capture up to 65 MPH
Time Lapse Cameras
  • Capture still images in high resolution to create a time lapse video over days, months or years!
Custom Integrations
  • The HD-NET platform allows a wide variety of cameras, sensors and devices to be combined into a site-specific monitored solution!
  • Our engineering and operations team have the education, experience and creativity to provide a custom solution that will meet the specific security needs of your site!

How does all this technology benefit our customers?

Watch video in real time? EASY!
Live Talk-Down capability to challenge intruders in real-time? EASY!
Bookmark important events to review later? EASY!
Export video? EASY!
Powerful time-line and search capabilities? EASY!

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