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The intangibles that make EyeSite Surveillance the perfect strategic partner for jobsite security.

EyeSite is a growing company that has made a major impact on the way jobsite security has evolved. We dedicate ourselves to building our business one market at a time. The owners of the company take pride in taking a hands on approach to the success of each market. Mobile security solutions are all we do. We live and breathe it every day.

Local team oriented approach

EyeSite opens an office and shop in each market, hiring motivated, team oriented individuals along the way. We manufacture and integrate our equipment locally as well, so that we know each and every system inside and out. This gives our team members hands on knowledge on how the systems work and the confidence to handle any challenge they encounter in the field.

Trust and accountability

Being a family owned and operated business creates a great atmosphere of mutual trust and accountability. With everyone working towards the same goal of growing a successful business by providing superior products and unmatched customer service, we become recognized in each market as a leader in the mobile security industry.


The owners of EyeSite are dedicated to building a business that we can pass along to the next generation. We are proud of what we have done since starting the business in 2005 and look forward to building on our success for many years to come.


The 3 rules of any relationship: Do not lie, do not cheat and always keep your promises. We strive both internally and externally as a company to function every day with these 3 rules in mind. EyeSite has an excellent reputation within the building community as being an honest, forthright company to deal with. We believe in building relationships with our clients based on trust and understanding. It is not always easy but it is always worth it.

Industry involvement

Not only do we create a strong local presence in the security industry, we also are active members of many builder’s associations. In Dallas we support the TEXO General Contractor’s Association, the American Subcontractor’s Association of North Texas and the Dallas Builder’s Association. In Houston, we support ASA Houston Chapter, ABC Houston Chapter, GHBA, and AGC. Through our various memberships we are able to keep up with market trends and issues affecting the building industry, support new legislation that steers the industry in new and hopefully better directions and build lasting relationships with our construction related peers.

Why EyeSite Surveillance:
  • In business since 2005, EyeSite Surveillance is an Arizona and Texas based corporation specializing in Mobile Site Security Solutions.
  • Our business model is built around customer service.  We understand the dynamic environment of a construction site.
  • Currently on hundreds of job sites in and around Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston, EyeSite Surveillance protects over 3 BILLION dollars in construction and facility related assets annually.
  • Integrated security systems provide a nationally recognized, industry leading arrest rate by using the latest in surveillance technology.
  • EyeSite Surveillance has been responsible for hundreds of apprehensions and arrests preventing an untold amount of theft loss on job sites.
  • Video verification equipment is endorsed by the National Sherriff’s Association and local law enforcement agencies.
  • State of the art technology provides customized site protection at a fraction of the cost of a single entry-level security guard.


As rewarding as it has been to grow EyeSite from nothing to what it is today, we also realize that we have a responsibility to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. Through the association events and fundraisers we support many different charities. In addition, we provide our services free of charge to Operation Finally Home, an organization that works with builders and subcontractors to build mortgage free homes for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

It has been a privilege to give the soldiers and their families on line access to video of their home as it is being built. They can log on to our website at any time and view the progress. After Hurricane Harvey, we dedicated time and money to the recovery efforts through donations and volunteer work. We were fortunate not to be affected by the storm and believe that it is our duty as fellow humans to help those in a time of need.

We firmly believe that there is no other company out there that can or will give you the level of trust and dedication that EyeSite Surveillance provides. We stand firmly committed to building on what we have already accomplished and will always strive to make our customers our greatest advocates.

EyeSite Surveillance is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Our Team

Meet the faces behind the company


Jason Gratton

Owner, CEO

Dave Gratton

Owner, President

Dean Olson

Owner, Vice-President


Elvia Gratton

Office Manager, Bookkeeping

Kellie Martin

Sales - North Texas Region

Kendra Good

Sales - North Texas Region

Amberly Stolworthy

Sales - Arizona Region

Nancy Cagle

Sales - Southeast Texas Region

Ray Shaffer

Director of Strategic Operations

Michael Mendoza

North Texas Operations Manager

Daniel Sosa

Sr. Arizona Operations Manager

Josh Lopez

Houston Operations Manager

Freddy Rodriguez

Head of Engineering

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