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December 18, 2017
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7 Ways Job Site Security Cameras Improve Construction Site Security

Construction site security is a constant concern for those in the construction industry. Theft and vandalism not only requires replacement cost, but can also affect many other aspects of a project budget. Job site security cameras will improve the overall security of construction sites, regardless of which phase of construction the building is.

The construction industry is unique in its security needs because no matter how long a project lasts, it is almost always temporary. Due to this, security camera rental is necessary for the best construction site security. Here are just seven ways job site security cameras improve construction site security.

1. Job Site Security Cameras Deter Thieves

Job site security cameras posted in view are a deterrent for would-be thieves. Security camera rentals posted out of reach for vandalism, but still visible, will make a visual statement to criminals that the site is protected.

2. Construction Site Security Cameras Detect Intruders

When installed with the best plan for construction site security, mobile surveillance units detect intruders right away. Many different technologies can be combined in a comprehensive plan to include perimeter sensors, video verified alarms, and active monitoring stations. All these technologies work together to provide complete detection of intruders.

3.  Job Site Security Cameras Move as Your Project Progresses

When you have mobile surveillance units on your construction site, your surveillance team should be working with you to move the cameras as your construction progresses to ensure complete coverage of your site. That is the beauty of security camera rentals. When you rent the equipment from the right service company, it comes with the service to be sure that the equipment serves all your needs and can complete the project with you.

construction site security4. Construction Site Security Cameras Assess During a Breach

Properly assessing a breach in perimeter or security of a job site is one of the main advantages of having job site security cameras. This assessment will allow for the quick correct response. Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, license plate cameras, two-way audio warning systems, and video verified alarm systems allow for quick and accurate assessment.

5. Job Site Security Cameras Record a Breach

Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras can even be programmed to move to and record a breach when not actively controlled. The mobile surveillance unit can pan the camera to the location of breach reported by perimeter sensors and record, even when unable to reach a project manager or other authority.

6. Construction Site Security Cameras Help Apprehend On-site

When using advanced detection and assessment technologies, on-site apprehension is much more likely. This results in a higher prosecution rate. Police respond with higher priority to video verified alarm breaches, and this allows less time for criminals to escape.

7. Job Site Security Cameras Provide Real-time Updates to Law Enforcement

If the thieves leave before law enforcement arrives on scene, mobile surveillance units can provide information to catch the criminals.

There are many more ways that having the appropriate job site security cameras and surveillance plan will improve your construction site security. The point is, though, that you can’t have a comprehensive security plan without construction site security cameras.




  1. Billy says:

    Great points on the importance of security cameras. Construction sites should definitely make use of security cameras as well as physical security guards to deter potential theft and other crime.

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  3. […] know the best thing you can do to improve construction site security is properly place job site security cameras. Cameras are a part of your security plan, but there are many other aspects to a complete […]

  4. Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for explaining how there are multiple methods of security cameras, such as perimeter sensors and video verified alarms, that can help keep intruders out of a construction site. My brother obtained an inheritance and he is putting it towards building a new home. I’ll mention to him that getting construction security would protect him against the possibility of intruders or thieves when building his home.

  5. Thanks for sharing your article. Job site security cameras are important for many reasons and one of them being for insurance.

  6. Ellie Davis says:

    Thank you for pointing out that security cameras can help identify and deter thieves. Making sure you have the best security cameras seems very important. Hopefully, anyone wanting more security looks into finding the best camera company possible.

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