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December 16, 2013
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April 30, 2014

16 Year-old Boy Sneaks Past Sleeping Guard!

As you interact with many companies about their job site security, the assumption is that a security guard is always better than leveraging technology.

This assumption has been engrained in thinking for so long that it is almost accepted as fact. However, the recent events of a 16-year-old sneaking past a sleeping guard at the 1 World Trade Center construction site begs the question: Is having a security guard the only best option available for construction site security?

CNN reported that Justin Casquejo, a 16-year-old from New Jersey was arrested by Port Authority Police and charged with criminal trespassing. He allegedly was able to find a hole in the fence, and then proceeded to climb scaffolding to the 6th floor of the building. He then proceeded to ride the elevator to the 88th floor, and then walked to the 104th floor where he was able to sneak past the sleeping security guard. (Watch CNN Video)

The reality is that any security system is only as effective as the time spent assessing the vulnerabilities of a site. The focus of that assessment should be on discovering the layers of security that are needed to truly make a site secure. The story of the 16-year-old and his ability to break through four layers of security to make it to the top of 1 World Trade Center is fascinating because the security guard was supposed to be the last line of defense in that construction site’s strategy.

The ability for some companies to challenge the assumption that a security guard is the best solution is creating an opportunity for them to see technology leveraged to provide a more secure and cost effective solution to their security needs. That is why many companies are turning to Eyesite Surveillance, Inc. to partner with them to provide start of the art technology solutions to site security. Products like the Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU) can provide a rapidly deploy-able, 24-hour-a-day security solution. The solar-powered system integrates infrared cameras and digital recording to offer an “always-on” solution that can be configured to meet the unique needs of each site. And unlike a security guard, these units truly never sleep.

When you are ready to explore how Eyesite Surveillance, Inc can help you create a cost effective plan to meet your specific site needs for security, give us a call at 855-4-NoTheft (855-433-8433). Eyesite is committed to a business model based on customer service. This model means that each client’s unique needs are the foundation for creating the best construction site security solution.

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