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The Leader In Construction Site Security Throughout Arizona and Texas

EyeSite SurveillanceTM is committed to advanced construction site security solutions with the power to minimize the impact of theft and vandalism.

Construction Site Theft

is on the rise, see how we can help stop it!

Stop construction site theft and vandalism by deploying our advanced security technology to protect your operations and your crew. We employ 4 layers of protection to secure your projects!

With our advanced and thoroughly experienced team of construction site security experts, you are guaranteed peace of mind knowing that all of your assets are secure.

EyeSite Video Surveillance Applications:

  • Residential construction sites
  • Commercial construction sites
  • Construction site Video Security
  • Utility service centers
  • Utility substations
  • Material yards
  • Government buildings
We offer construction site security in Fort Worth, TexasDallas, TexasHouston, TexasTucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona - Tempe, Arizona

We employ 4 layers of protection to secure your valuable assets!

Construction Site Security camera icon


The first line of defense in dependable construction site security is Deterrence. Make a visual statement to criminals that the site is protected.

Job Site Security Watchful Eye Icon


A comprehensive construction site security plan involves the ability to Detect intruders with speed and accuracy.

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The ability to quickly Assess any situation on your construction site during a security breach is critical to providing the correct response.

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EyeSite Surveillance has an industry-recognized arrest rate. We average more than 80 arrests per year in Maricopa County alone.

The EYEON PLUS MONITORING SERVICES™ Advantage for Construction Site Security Monitoring & Advanced Video Surveillance Systems

Our world-class construction site security monitoring station and video surveillance team is comprised of veterans and former law enforcement personnel, including former members of all 4 branches of the military, resulting in one of the most dedicated, professional, and well-trained operations centers in the video monitoring industry.

With construction site security by the top professionals in the industry, you can ensure a safe work environment for your crew, keep your projects on time, and your profits aren't cut due to continuous loss.

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ESS HD-NET MSU Assists Police with Active Shooter in Arizona

View out this video footage of an active shooting suspect caught on camera by one of EyeSite's Mobile Surveillance Units in Mesa, AZ.

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Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Estella Lopez
    Eyesite Surveillance gave us the peace of mind for our project. They provide great customer service and answered all questions we had. We recommend them for any size/type project. I will definitely use them again.
    Estella Lopez
    Promise Land Dirt Work & Clearing Services LLC
  • Area Supervisor
    “We appreciate the service that you have been providing to us, we have noticed a substantial difference when the cameras are there.”
    Area Supervisor
    Major US Homebuilder
  • City official
    “EyeSite Surveillance has provided a tremendous service in the security of our two facilities and will continue to use them in the future.”
    City official
    East Valley
  • Salt River Project
    “We have facilities and sites through out the state, many of which are as remote as they are critical. EyeSite has been a monumental part of helping us protect those remote locations as well as the facilities in the middle of the Valley. Their response time is great and their staff have all been very responsible and attentive to our needs.”
    Salt River Project
    Facility and Construction Site Security
  • Site Superintendent of Chandler City Hall project
    “I’d never work another project without using EyeSite surveillance for our security.”
    Site Superintendent of Chandler City Hall project
    Sundt Construction
  • V. P. of Operations
    “We’ve been using EyeSite Surveillance for 5+ years and have had great results, the motion activated cameras that we install at the frame stage have been a great tool in not only deterring, but catching thieves in the act. …we simply cannot afford to lose precious days because of theft or vandalism.”
    V. P. of Operations
    Beazer Phoenix Division
  • D.L.Withers
    “The security this system gives you when you leave at the end of the day is priceless. I could actually go home and relax without having to worry about the theft on my Jobsite. I would recommend EyeSite to anyone I know.”
    Project Name: TUSD Westside Transportation
  • Concord Builders
    “As a project superintendent it can be very frustrating when projects are burglarized, not to mention the delays & costs to the project.   My project was hit over & over until EyeSite Surveillance was on site.  We did not have another issue with being burglarized.  I would highly recommend EyeSite Surveillance for all my future projects.”
    Concord Builders
    Project Name: Rock Point Church
  • St. Andrews Environmental
    “Just wanted to let you guys know how happy we were with the performance of your system that we used at our QT project recently. Ray was great to work with and really did come by every week, just like he said he would, to make sure everything was doing what we wanted it to do and to check operation of everything.The Videofied surveillance videos of late night visitors to our site provided some arrests (that we got to watch happen in real time videos sent to my phone) and really made us aware of what was happening on our site while we were away. They were also entertaining to watch. Information collected from your tower camera system provided information that allowed for an insurance claim from a wayward truck that decided to enter our site and drive ll over paving that had just been poured. The video clearly showed everything that we needed to file claim against the trucking company. That insurance claim alone saved us well above the money spent to have you guys monitoring our job.”
    St. Andrews Environmental
    Project Name: Quiktrip Ft. Worth, TX
  • Avenir
    “Great service and price. System works. Had less issues with this then a guard on site. Will always use instead of a guard!!! “
    Project Name: Scottsdale Memory Care

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